Sustainable Energy Conversion Processes

Provision of energy has a major impact on the environmental performance of the society. Understanding principles and the effects of different energy conversion pathways and their interaction is of uttermost importance to operating the energy system effectively, while keeping the environmental impact low. This major provides understanding of different aspects of energy conversion and storage. Major covers the fields of heat and power processes, energy conversion technologies and utilization of natural resources as energy carriers. In this major the student can also focus on computational methods. Renewable energy generation technologies as well as conventional thermal power processes are covered. Students in the major gain a strong education of energy technology as well as a deep knowledge of the advanced areas.

The major offers a firm theoretical base as well as practical tools and skills needed by engineers working on the field of energy. In order to prepare students for understanding complex and multidisciplinary problems of the field, the major is designed to be flexible. Courses include theoretical considerations, experimental work, industrial applications, and first-hand experience. The major prepares students for current and future challenges faced by energy companies, manufacturing industry, consulting companies and society. Students are well-prepared to pursue doctoral studies.

Upon completion of the major, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the theory and operation of modern energy systems
  • Understand the existing and emerging biomass sources for sustainable energy use
  • Apply proper tools and software to simulate and design energy conversion processes
  • Analyze systems with the principles of thermodynamics, energy balances, and heat and mass transfer
  • Evaluate different energy conversion methods, their restrictions and applicability to various situations
  • Evaluate feasibility of different renewable energy sources globally and regionally
  • Create solutions for energy industry