Sustainable Energy Systems and Markets

Reliable and affordable energy system is the basic requirement of a modern society. Today, the energy systems face challenges with the flexible integration of different energy forms (power, heat, fuels) and with the increasing complexity of the systems due to distributed power generation and emergence of active produces-customers, i.e. prosumers. Integrating intermittent renewable sources, like solar, wind and wave energy, into the energy system is one of the main challenges of our sustainable future. This major offers the basic understanding of the energy systems, the main challenges faced by our energy solutions today and possible ways towards the sustainable future.

The major offers a firm theoretical base as well as practical tools and skills needed by engineers working on the field of energy systems. In order to prepare students for understanding complex and multidisciplinary problems of the field, the major is designed to be flexible. Courses include theoretical considerations, experimental work, industrial applications, and first-hand experience. The major prepares students for current and future challenges faced by energy companies, manufacturing industry, consulting companies and society. Students are well-prepared to pursue doctoral studies. Upon completion of the Major, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of energy systems

  • Have holistic view which enables analyzing complex dependencies in vast energy systems

  • Optimize and develop the energy systems, taking into account different energy forms

  • Understand the role of various parties in energy markets

  • Develop applications for energy efficiency and sustainability

  • Analyze and evaluate existing and future challenges in the field of energy systems