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 Into – a website for Aalto students (pdf)

What is Into?

Into (http://into.aalto.fi) is a portal for Aalto University students into information relating to studies, to Aalto services and to the students’ own university. The website also collects the news and events of Aalto University for Bachelor and Master’s students and for doctoral candidates. In Into, all content is public (= does not require logging in) and for the most part in three languages.

Into consists of several sites: in addition to the School sites for both Bachelor and Master’s students and for doctoral candidates, the departments of the School of Art, Design and Architecture and the School of Business as well as the degree programmes and master’s programmes of the schools of technology have their own sites. Services also have their own site. You can start browsing Into by selecting your School under the title Bachelor and Master’s Students or Doctoral Candidates.

The main parts of Into are

  • Bachelor and Master's Students: The most important source of information for Bachelor and Master’s students; content is organized by School and by degree programme/department. Here you will find, for instance, information on degree structures, guidelines for the practices concerning studies, enrollment for the academic year, graduation and exchange studies as well as news.
  • Doctoral Candidates: The most important source of information for doctoral candidates, organized by doctoral programme. Contains information related to doctoral studies.
  • Services: A set of links to the Aalto services that support students and studies (e.g.Library, IT Services).
  • Campuses: Links to practical information concerning the campuses.
  • About Aalto: General information and news about Aalto University.
  • For new students: Instructions after admission and about starting your studies.

My Into

The My Into link is behind your own name, when you are signed into Into. You can choose your favorite content for the My Into home page and see the highlights of the most recent news of your favorites. You can choose as a favorite for example your School, your degree programme/department, other fields you are interested in and, for instance, the Library from the Services. Log in with your Aalto account.


You can subscribe to RSS feeds by Schools, Departments/Programmes, and services. In addition, you can subscribe to RSS feed of the news of your favourite sites and the latest grant applications.  The feed includes the title of the piece of news (or grant) and a link to the news in Into.

Subscribing to RSS feeds

Into synchronises Aalto University’s online communications

Into is a twin service for intranet Inside for Aalto staff. While the content of Inside is targeted at staff, the content of Into is designed for students. Both groups gain access to the each other's channels.

Into does not extend to course-related matters -  specific course information is available in WebOodi and in MyCourses learning environment (mycourses.aalto.fi).

Below is an overview of the different web-based services for teaching and studying from the student’s point of view.

Would you like to find out more about becoming a student at Aalto?

The Into portal is designed for those already studying at Aalto University. For more information on study opportunities and application procedures for prospective students, please go to the Aalto site: www.aalto.fi/en/studies

Feedback, questions and problems

Please see page Feedback for contact information.

Into is a joint production of Aalto University Student Services, Communications and IT. The units are also jointly responsibility of the development work of the site.