Department personnel

email: first name.last name(at) 

Reception hours and rooms

Student and study issues (Degree students of programs in the department of Accounting)

Study Coordinator Sanni Pennanen Chydenia, 2nd floor, room H2.37,Thu 9-11

General study-related information: opinnot-biz(at) 

Interested in admission? admissions(at)



IKÄHEIMO Seppo , room G3.16, in lectures or by e-mail
KINNUNEN Juha, (email: room H3.39, by appointment
MALMI Teemu, Head of the Department, room G3.19, in lectures or by e-mail
NIEMI Lasse, room G3.04, by appointment
SILVOLA Hanna, room G3.08, in lectures or by appointment
VAIVIO Juhani, room G3.05, Mon 17-19

Assistant professors, assistants ja lecturers:

HUIKKU Jari, Assistant professor, room G3.07, by appointment
KOIVISTOINEN Kari, Lecturer, room G3.12, Wed 12-14
KOLEHMAINEN Katja, Assistant professor, room H3.37, by appointment.
KYKKÄNEN Tapani, Lecturer, room G3.13, Tue 12-14
MIIHKINEN Antti, Assistant, room G3.08, by appointment
OJALA Hannu, Assistant professor, room H3.18
SANDELIN Mikko, Assistant, room G3.06, by appointment
TOIVIAINEN Kari , Lecturer, room G3.14, Mon 12-14
VIRTANEN Tuija , Assistant professor, room G3.10, Mon 14-16


Business Law


KUOPPAMÄKI, Petri, Assistant Professor
RUDANKO Matti, Deputy Head of the Department, room G3.15, Thu 11-12
NISKAKANGAS Heikki, room H3.34, Mon 15-16
HOPPU Kari, room H3.38, by appointment


KAPULAINEN Piia, room G3.09, Thu 15-16 (On maternity leave)

Other staff:

PENNANEN, Sanni, Study Coordinator H2.37, Thu 9-11 or by appointment
KALLONEN Leena, Department secretary
WILKMAN, Henrika, trainee
SEGERSVEN Elisa,  IT-services