Department personnel

email: first name.last name(at) 

Reception hours and rooms

Student and study issues (Degree students of programs in the department of Accounting)

Study Coordinator Elli Hämäläinen Chydenia, 2nd floor, room H2.31,Thu 9-11
In Otaniemi on Tuesdays, reception in BIZ Lounge 10-12 A.M.

General study-related information: opinnot-biz(at) 

Interested in admission? admissions(at)



IKÄHEIMO Seppo, Professor,
HUIKKU Jari, Assistant professor, G3.07,
JARVA Henry, Assistant professor G3.10,
KINNUNEN Juha, Professor (email H3.39
MALMI Teemu, Professor, Head of the Department, G3.04
MYLLYMÄKI, Emma-Riikka, Assistant professor, G3.08
NIEMI Lasse, Professor, G3.09,
SILVOLA Hanna, Assistant professor, on a leave of absence
VAIVIO Juhani, Professor H3.34, Tuesdays 15-17 P.M.


Lecturers and researchers

KOIVISTOINEN Kari, lecturer H3.37
KYKKÄNEN Tapani, lecturer H3.35
MAO Yaping, researcher, H 2.41
MELGIN Jari, researcher, G3.19
TOIVIAINEN Kari, lecturer H3.38

Visiting Professors

HAY David

Receptions by appointment or in lectures

Business Law


HOPPU Kari, Professor G3.16, Deputy head of the Department
KUOPPAMÄKI, Petri, Assistant professor, G3.12
RUDANKO Matti, Professor, G3.14, torstaisin klo 11-12
VIITALA, Tomi, Assistant Professor, G3.13

Receptions by appointment or in lectures

Professor of Practice:

LUMIJÄRVI Olli-Pekka, Accounting
OJALA Hannu, Accounting
WUOLIJOKI, Sakari, Business Law

Receptions by appointment or in lectures

Other staff:

HÄMÄLÄINEN Elli, Study Coordinator H2.31 (from 25.11.2015)
PENNANEN, Sanni, Study Coordinator H2.31 (On a leave of absence 25.11->)
LEMMILÄ, Saara, Secretary, H3.36