The curriculum is made biannually and the course offering always changes somewhat when courses are renewed. When a course is discontinued, a replacement for the discontinued course will be given. Usually the substitute is a new course or a combination of courses. Course substitutions are given in the table below and listed according to the course codes. The listed replacements have been confirmed, so there is no need to ask for approval if you use them in your personal study plan. Hence, you can for instance replace the course S-38.105 with ELEC-C7110 in your study plan without asking for approval for this change.

Course substitutes must always be based on the student's degree requirements, i.e. the content of the study programme from the academic year when the student started his/her studies. If the degree requirements include a course which the student has not completed and this course has already been discontinued, the confirmed substitute for the discontinued course should be looked up from the table.

Substitutes for ELEC-, AS- and S-code courses

To the students who have completed Bachelor's degree according to degree regulation 2005 / 2011 at Aalto University (in Finnish)

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