Code: BIZ235

Credits: 86-87 ECTS cr

Programme Director: Matti Rossi

Learning outcomes

Studying in the Master’s Programme in Business Analytics offers students a unique combination of skills in leadership, business, and technology. The programme fits industry and future needs, and graduates are innovative leaders of the digital and sustainable era. The programme provides students with in-depth knowledge in data-based decision-making and analytics and allows them to specialise in different business domains. In the first year of studies, students will develop a solid foundation for expertise in business analytics. Courses in for example information management and artificial intelligence are also available. In the second year, students specialise in a specific business domain such as Marketing Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics or Accounting Analytics. Students can also choose a minor, for example, Artificial Intelligence or Information Technology.

Upon graduating from the Business Analytics Programme, graduates will have:

  • In-depth knowledge of advanced data analytics and business intelligence. Graduates possess essential knowledge of data-driven decision-making and problem-solving.
  • A holistic understanding of sustainable business. As sustainability is at the core of all thriving businesses, graduates will be specialists in sustainable business decision-making.
  • Necessary leadership skills. Graduates are great communicators and thoughtful leaders of diverse teams.
  • Analytical thinking and decision-making skills. Graduates are critical thinkers who analyse business decisions based on data.

Core programme studies 86-87 cr

Compulsory studies 51 cr

(NB! Links will be updated by summer 2022)

Course code (link to Sisu)Course name (link to MyCourses)CreditsTeaching period
30E03000Data Science for Business I6I
ISM-E1004Business Analytics 26III
Choose one of the following:



Capstone: Data Science for Business II 


Capstone: Business Intelligence





ISM-E5001Master's Thesis Seminar 3I-II, III-V

Master's Thesis30
BIZ.matrMaturity test0

Elective studies 35-36 cr

Choose 2 courses (11-12 cr) from the following list. You can include one Capstone course here if it is not included in the compulsory studies.

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1) If not included in the compulsory studies

Specialization studies 24 cr

Choose one specialization field from the following: Accounting Analytics, Marketing Analytics or Supply Chain Analytics.

Accounting Analytics

Choose 24 credits

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Marketing Analytics

Choose 24 credits

(NB! Links will be updated by summer 2022)

Supply Chain Analytics

Choose 24 credits

(NB! Links will be updated by summer 2022)