Mikkeli Student Housing Ltd. (MOAS) provides the student housing in Mikkeli in various locations and the closes ones to Aalto Mikkeli Campus are located in Raviradantie MOAS 1-7. These apartments in Raviradantie are all within the 15 min walk from the university campus and city center.

In general, student apartments are either single or shared apartments. A single apartment consists of a room including basic furniture, kitchen corner and a bathroom. Shared apartments consist of individual bedrooms, a shared kitchen (table and chairs provided) and bathroom. There are common laundry rooms and saunas available for tenants.

The renting period starts always either 1st or 16th of the month and ends either 15th or last day of the month. Note! The shortest renting period is one month, so if you are coming to Aalto Mikkeli for just one module (three weeks), you need to rent the apartment at least for one month. The rent will be approx. 320 euro for shared apartment and approx. 425 euro upwards for single apartment. However, there may be some variation in the rents due to different locations and size.

  • The rent includes basic furniture, electricity, water, internet connection and the fee for using laundry and sauna.
  • Basic furniture: bed with a mattress, table and chair, drawers, lamps, shades.
  • Basic cleaning equipment are also provided.
  • Kitchenware, blankets and pillows are not included.

Dishes, "survival kit", can be rent from the student organization Probba for affordable price!

You can fill your application on MOAS website: www.moas.fi

  • You do not need to send the certificate of your student status to MOAS. Aalto Mikkeli Campus will confirm your exchange student status to MOAS beforehand.        
  • Be sure to write your e-mail address correctly to the application form because MOAS will send you an e-mail when they have an apartment reserved for you. The e-mail includes instructions for paying the deposit Fee (IBAN and SWIFT). You have approx. one-week time to confirm the reservation to MOAS and pay the deposit fee. Without a reply, you will lose the reserved apartment and your application will not be on the waiting list anymore.
    • Deposit fees: 300 euro for shared apartment and 400 euro for single apartment.

Receiving the key and service fee

You can get the key earliest on the day when your reservation and agreement begins. Inform MOAS office as soon as you know your exact arrival date and time.

MOAS office is open Mon – Thu 10.00 – 16.15., Fri 10.00 – 15.15., in June-July Mon-Fri 9.00 – 15.15. In addition, on each month's first and last working day the office opens already 8.00am.

The exceptions in regular opening hours will be informed in MOAS website.

Try to arrange your arrival during the office hours.

If you arrive outside the office hours it is extremely important to inform MOAS office about your arrival time beforehand. Otherwise you are not able to get the key. A service-fee of 20 euro will be charged with in cash, when arriving outside the office hours.

For more information visit MOAS website: www.moas.fi