Description of the programme

Master's Programme in Corporate Communication is organized by the School of Business. The programme is designed to give students a thorough, trans-disciplinary understanding of the fields of corporate and organisational communication. The programme views corporate communication both as a business function and, at the same time, as social interaction. Throughout the studies, we highlight the impact of the globalized environment on communication practice, management and leadership. On the world scale, the Corporate Communication Programme is unique in its combination of management, communication and international business.

Through a carefully designed, research-based curriculum, the programme provides students with thorough knowledge of the strategic role of communication in contemporary organizations. The programme offers professional and academic competences needed in managing international corporate communications, engaging in corporate strategy work, and managing internal and external stakeholder relations. In particular, it develops competences within such specific areas as organizational communication, change communication and strategy communication. In addition, throughout all course work and problem-based learning activities we practise the skills needed for a variety of multicultural and multilingual encounters.

Career prospects

The programme gives the students excellent qualifications for a variety of specialist and executive positions within the areas of communication, management and international business. CC graduates will work, for example, as communications managers, specialists and consultants in internationally operating organizations. In addition, career prospects include work in communications training and research. 

Here you can find the degree requirements of the programme, and the necessary information about completing the degree and its contents. These pages are mainly aimed at the students of the programme. If you are thinking about applying to the programme please see How to apply.


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