Code: ELEC3030

Credits: Long (55-65 credits) or compact (40-45 credits) major

Professor in charge: Tapio Lokki (ELEC)

Professors: Ville Pulkki (ELEC), Lauri Savioja (SCI), Vesa Välimäki (ELEC)

Abbreviation: AAT

Pääaine suomeksi: Akustiikka ja audioteknologia

Huvudämne på svenska: Akustik och ljudteknik

School: Electrical Engineering (coordinator) and Science


The major in Acoustics and Audio Technology gives fundamental knowledge about acoustical phenomena, human hearing and audio technologies, and also facilitates the students to apply the knowledge in practice.

The fields of electroacoustics, room and building acoustics, noise, musical acoustics, and audio signal processing are focused in the studies. A central field in the studies is technical psychoacoustics studying human hearing mechanisms, which is a cornerstone in the development of acoustical and audio technologies for human listeners. The fields together constitute the field of communication acoustics, where there exists always a human listener at the end of the acoustic communication channel. Digital signal processing is currently an important tool in acoustics and audio engineering, and the teaching also emphasizes the understanding of its general principles and of fundamental audio processing algorithms.

The target of the major is that the students could use their learning outcome flexibly in different tasks in industry and in academia. For example, the student should know why and how modern lossy audio codecs (mp3, AAC) work, or he/she should be able to measure, understand the perceptual aspects, and design the acoustics of a class room or a noise barrier. Some exemplar fields where the students are foreseen to be competent are sound recording and reproduction, audio coding, music technology, acoustic measurements, active noise cancellation, audio signal processing, room and building acoustics, and environmental noise. If the student wants to work as a certified acoustics consultant in Finland, at least 10 cr on building technology is required.

The research conducted in Aalto University in the fields of this major has focused on following topics: spatial sound reproduction, concert hall acoustics, synthesis of musical instruments and natural sounds, loudspeaker and headphone reproduction, spatial sound psychoacoustics, digital filtering of audio signals, and modeling of room acoustics. The University is facilitated with top-level acoustical laboratories: three anechoic chambers, a standardized multichannel listening room, sound-proof listening booths, and immersive audiovisual environments.

Content and structure

The major can be completed either as a long (55-65 cr) major or a compact (40-45 cr) major. Students taking the compact major take also a master level minor (20-25 cr). Students taking the long major may include an optional minor in their elective studies.

The major consists of 35 cr of compulsory courses and 5-30 cr of optional courses depending on the choice between long and compact major.

All the major courses are intended to be studied during the first year of master’s studies. The course ELEC-E5600 Communication Acoustics is a recommended prerequisite to the other major courses.


Compulsory courses (35 credits):
ELEC-E0110Academic Skills in Master’s Studies3I-V/1
ELEC-E0210Master’s Thesis Process2I-II, III-V/2


Acoustical Measurements P 5I / 1


Virtual Acoustics 5III-IV / 1


Communication Acoustics 5I / 1

Acoustics and the Physics of Sound


II / 1


Audio Signal Processing P


III-IV / 1


Acoustics and Audio Technology Seminar P (varying content) 5IV-V / 1
Optional courses  (5-30 credits):


Advanced Computer Graphics 5III-V


Applied Building Physics and Design 5V


Building Materials Technology 5I


Computer Graphics 5I-II


Computer Vision 5I


Convex Optimization I P5I-II


Design of Energy Efficient Buildings 5II


Electroacoustics P 5IV-V


Emergent User interfaces 5III-IV


Heat and Mass Transfer in Buildings 5I


Human-computer Interaction 5I-II


Indoor Air Quality 5IV


Machine Learning: Basic Principles 5I-II


Noise Control 5II

Signal Processing for Communications



ELEC-E5431Large Scale Data Analysis P5III-IV
ELEC-E5660Special Assignment in Acoustics and Audio Technology P 1-10I-II, III-V
ELEC-E5500Speech Processing 5I
ELEC-E5510Speech Recognition 5II
ELEC-E5550Statistical Natural Language Processing 5III-IV
ELEC-E5440Statistical Signal Processing 5I-II


Mechanics of Beam and Frame Structures



You will find recommended study schedules under Planning your studies.

Departmental study advisors:

Antti Ojapelto, room 1143 (Maarintie 8), room B333 (Konemiehentie 2), tel. +358 50 560 9741, antti.ojapelto (a)

Janani Fernandez, studies-acoustics (at)

Timo Dönsberg, tel. +358 40 7532 046, timo.donsberg (a)