Every new student in School of Engineering is assigned with an Academic Adviser in the beginning of his/her studies. If you di your Bachelor's at Aalto and had an adviser in your Bachelor's studies, your adviser will propably change when you start your Master's studies. Every professor, lecturer and teacher in School of Engineering is an Academic Adviser. Learning services support and coordinate academic advising.

The process of academic advising is differs slightly between the Master's programmes. The main idea is that the Academic Adviser's knowledge is as close to the students interests as possible and the role of the student is more active. You should contact your adviser to arrange meetings. It is a good idea to meet your adviser at least every autumn and every spring during your studies, but you can meet the adviser more often if you find necessary.

In academic year 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 we assigned the students to advisers through MyCourses. We are currently developing the Master's level academic advising actively as a part of T4-project. If you need more information or you have ideas regarding academic advising, please contact: ville.kivimaki@aalto.fi and saara.m.kanerva@aalto.fi. If you don't have an academic adviser or you don't know who your adviser is, contact saara.m.kanerva@aalto.fi.