Code: ENG27
Credits: 30 ECTS cr


Advanced studies (30 cr)

Select 30 cr courses from the Major studies topic groups below. All combinations are allowed considering possible prerequisites. Note! Some professional competences require that additional Major studies courses are also included in the elective studies.

Construction and Maintenance

CodeName of the courseCreditsTeaching term
CIV-E2010Building information modelling in construction5II (starts in autumn 2017)
CIV-E2020Concrete technology5III
CIV-E2030Experimental methods in building materials5IV
CIV-E2040Maintenance and repair of structures5II (starts in autumn 2017)
CIV-E2050Operations management in construction5III
CIV-E2060Production technology of concrete structures5V
CIV-E2070Strategic management of construction5IV

Building Performance

CodeName of the courseCreditsTeaching term
CIV-E3010Applied building physics and design5IV
CIV-E3020Design of energy efficient buildings              5II (starts in autumn 2017)
CIV-E3030Indoor air quality5V
CIV-E3040Indoor environment technology5I (starts in autumn 2017)
CIV-E3050Fire dynamics and simulation5III
CIV-E3060Fire risk and evacuation analysis5I (starts in autumn 2017)

Structural Engineering

CodeName of the courseCreditsTeaching term
CIV-E4010Finite element methods in civil engineering5V
CIV-E4020Design of bridges5II (starts in autumn 2017)
CIV-E4030Engineering design exercises5II (starts in autumn 2017)
CIV-E4050Prestressed and precast concrete structures5I (starts in autumn 2017)
CIV-E4040Reinforced concrete structures5III
CIV-E4070Composite steel structures5I (starts in autumn 2017)
CIV-E4060Steel structures5IV
CIV-E4080Material modelling in civil engineering5V
CIV-E4090Mechanics of plate and shell structures5III
CIV-E4100Stability of structures5IV
CIV-E4120Timber structures5I (starts in autumn 2017)
CIV-E4110Timber engineering5IV