If you cannot complete your degree within the guideline period specified for it, you may apply for an extension for your studies.

On application, the University will grant the student an extension for completing the studies if the student submits a goal-oriented and feasible plan for achieving this. In this plan, the student must describe the studies to be taken and the schedule for completing the degree. When granting this extension, the university must consider the student’s life situation as a whole.

A student who hasn't completed his/her studies within the set completion time or within the extension granted, and a student who hasn't been granted an extension to complete his/her studies, looses the study right.

Application form: eAge-system

Please include in your application:

1) A goal-oriented and feasible study plan (graduation plan) to complete the studies.
2) Report of how the previous extension has been used, if you have been given extension before.
3) If you are writing your master's thesis, ask your supervising professor for a report on the status of your thesis.
4) You can also add other attachments on the Attachments tab of this application or deliver them as paper copies to the student services. The attachments which contain health information or other delicate information should be always delivered as paper copies.

Please submit your application with appendices at eAge-system by 30 April in the spring term or 31 October in the autumn term. Processing takes usually at least a month. If your application comes after the date mentioned above, we might not be able to process it before your right to study ends.

Contact persons

Bachelor Programme

  •  Energia- ja ympäristötekniikka - Erika Ruohonen
  • Kone- ja rakennustekniikka - Eeva Lilja
  •  Rakennettu ympäristö - Erika Ruohonen

 Master Programme

  • Advanced Energy Solutions - Sanni Valkeapää
  • Building Technology - Harri Långstedt
  • Cold Climate Engineering (Nordic Master) - Börje Helenius
  • Creative Sustainability - Päivi Kauppinen
  • Energy Technology - Sanni Valkeapää
  • Environmental Engineering (Nordic Master) - Börje Helenius
  • Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems (SELECT) - Börje Helenius
  • European Mining, Minerals and Environmental Programme (EMMEP) - Harri Långstedt
  • Geoengineering - Harri Långstedt
  • Geoinformatics - Päivi Kauppinen
  • Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering (Nordic Master) - Börje Helenius
  • Maritime Engineering (Nordic Master) - Börje Helenius
  • Mechanical Engineering - Helena Suonsilta
  • Real Estate Economics - Päivi Kauppinen
  • Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering - Päivi Kauppinen
  • Water and Environmental Engineering - Harri Långstedt