Master's Programme in Creative Sustainability

The master's programme in Creative Sustainability can lead to four different degrees. Master of Arts, Master of Science Degree in Architecture, Master of Science Degree in Technology and Master of Science Degree in Economics and Business Administration. All the different degrees have a specialized study path but also a common compulsory courses.

Common Learning Outcomes

Multidisciplinary approach: Students learn to adapt knowledge, skills and new approaches to reach collaborative solutions based on ecological, economic and socio-cultural sustainability.

Systems approach: Students learn to use systemic thinking to problem-solve and create new holistic understandings of complex situations and the critical infrastructures of society. The emphasis is on global awareness within the context of local communities and having a combined influence on different aspects of sustainability simultaneously.

Design thinking: Students learn to apply creative problem-solving tools and methods to facilitate dialogue, define problems, generate ideas and attain solutions.

Sustainability management: Students learn to develop, support and manage sustainability initiatives for society at large, for business purposes and the needs of other organisations. Students also gain an understanding of the way different organisational forms and work practices can support the pursuit of sustainability.

Project management: Students learn to manage multidisciplinary teamwork, and to promote sustainability in culturally diverse organisational environments.