Studies and supervision

  • Personal Study Plan (HOPS) (PDF)
  • Independent studies credit form (DOCX)  
    Attach any documents you feel pertinent to explain your activities to your professor (e.g. essays, papers, reviews, longer descriptions). Send the filled out form to be accepted by your supervising professor, as instructed on the form.
  • Credit transfer (Into page under Student Life > Student Services)
    Apply with online application form and attach an official transcript of records from the other University and your personal study plan (HOPS) including the courses in question, approved by your supervising professor. The type of credit transfer for doctoral candidates is mostly inclusion (not substitution). Please note that you can only apply for credit transfer if the credits have been registered by the other University (on the transcript of records). In case of workshops, summer schools etc. for which the University cannot give you a transcript of records, you can apply for including these studies in your degree by using the Independent studies credit form (above).
  • Supervision plan (DOCX)
  • Supervision plan, in case of co-supervisor from another Aalto School (PDF)

These documents are to be submitted to with the signatures of the doctoral candidate and supervising professor (and in the case of Supervision plan, of the advisor).

Dissertation and graduation


 All incentive scholarships are granted based on an application made by the person in question

 All incentive scholarhips are applied online. Please find the online application form and instructions.