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Post Docs in Companies Program, PoDoCo

Post Docs in Companies, PoDoCo, is a matchmaking program supporting long term competitiveness and strategic renewal of companies, and employment of young doctors in the private sector. For a PoDoCo researcher the program offers a research period followed by a targeted research period lasting all together 1-2 years. PoDoCo foundation pool offers research grants for the research period. After the research period the company hires the Post doc to deepen the research results and to create company specific insight. PoDoCo program is set up by Finnish Foundation for Technology Promotion, Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation, KAUTE Foundation, Finnish Cultural Foundation and FIMECC.

Career Coaching for doctoral students continues in Aalto

The goal of career coaching is to support doctoral students, whether they look for a career in the academic world or elsewhere. At the individual level, the goal of career coaching is to help participants to reflect deeply and realistically on their wishes for their career, the investments they are prepared to make and the goals they wish to achieve.

More information about the career coaching during fall 2018.

Mentoring Programme for doctoral students

Mentoring aims to promote the finding of career choices and paths as well as job application skills and building of a professional network. The goal of the mentoring is also to provide professional contacts as well as develope and increase the professional and communication skills of the mentee. In the mentoring programme a person supporting and guiding a mentee, a mentor, is an experienced person working in a company, an organization or industry outside university who acts as a discussion and sparring partner to the mentee.

All Aalto University doctoral students in the half stage of his/her doctoral studies are eligible to apply as mentees. Both Finnish and international doctoral students are welcome to apply to the programme.

Get to know experiences of a mentee here. More information on the mentoring programme during 2018-2019.

LinkedIn Quick guide for Job Hunting and Personal Branding

The guide gives a detailed explanation on how you can establish a profile and how your profile should be built for job searching and personal branding purposes. The guide can be found here.

International & Academic Jobs:

Get to know jobs in academic institutions, especially academic, scientific and research job opportunities:

Guidelines for international job hunting:

Stanford University´s guide gives instructions for the practice of job hunting from crafting your CV and application material to the different stages of the interview. The guide also considers a career outside academia.

Stanford University´s guide deals with the finalization process of the dissertation and the schedule for academic job search.

This article gives advice on how to craft convincing application, CV and résumé that will make a good first impression.

In this article faculty members who have taken part in recruitment processes from different universities and branches were interviewed. They will describe the qualities of good applicants and applications, and explain what the crucial factors in the selection process are and how the process works.

A professional recruiter explains how to improve the chances of succeeding in the job application process.

Residence permit for seeking work in Finland

Non-EU students who have stayed in Finland on a student residence permit, can apply for an additional residence permit after their graduation to search for work. This can be granted as an extended residence permit for up to one year. More information here.