The Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture offers a Visiting Researcher/Scholar in ARTS positions for postdoctoral Researchers and Doctoral Candidates. The position is unfunded and open to researchers from all countries. On the application the applicant needs to name the source of funding for their visit and has the funding been confirmed.

Please contact one of our Professors prior to applying. Informatio about research and researchers at Aalto University here:

Department can host a limited number of Visiting Researchers in ARTS per semester, depending on the overall situation of the department. The applicant should indicate a particular time period of the visit in the electronic application form. Typically visiting periods are from 3 to 6 months, but shorter or longer periods are also possible.

Visiting Researcher's responsibilities

Visiting Researcher in ARTS is expected to undertake research and publication in collaboration with Department's personnel and independent research. S/he is expected to prepare and give a lecture about her/his research topic and may be asked to contribute to the teaching of the Department. Visiting Researcher is also expected to participate in departmental meetings. The Visiting Researcher will have to sign an Academic Visitor contract with the School of Arts, Design and Architecture immediately after arrival in Finland.

Department offers

The Visiting Researcher in ARTS will be provided space for working, IT services, access to the library services, opportunity to participate in the Department’s and School of Arts, Design and Architecture's events, and interact with staff and other researchers within the School. Additionally s/he will be part of a larger research community of Aalto University.

Practical arrangements

The visiting researcher is responsible for the costs and practicalities of all the travel, accomodation and other living arrangements for the stay, but the HR personnel of the department can provide helpful information. More information about housing: (please note that the site is directed to the employees of Aalto University, so the information applies only partly to visiting researchers).

Information on cost of living and rent in Finland: 

Visiting researchers need provide proof of healthcare insurance and insurance for a possible accident and liability. Visitors are not insured by Aalto University and are not entitled to use the occupational healthcare services.

Application procedures

Application takes place through an online application form.

Applications can be submitted throughout the year and the applicant will receive a decision within appr. 2 months (please note that application are not processed in July). Apply well in advance (3-6 months before the planned visiting period) and should you need a residence permit, please take into account the time required for applying for it.

For the application you need:

  • Name of the professor at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture who has promised to be your host (your application will not be processed if you do not have a permission to apply from a professor in our School)
  • Information on the funding you are applying for / have secured for your visit
  • Estimated starting time and duration of your stay

Application form:

Contact: (Don't send any attachments with your message)

Student exchange

If you are registered as a doctoral candidate in one of our partner universities, you also have the possibility to visit us through exchange agreements. Student exchange takes place within the frameworks of Erasmus, NordForsk and different bilateral agreements.

How to start?

You can check the partnerships or valid agreements from your own university's homepages or from the personnel working in the international office in your home institution.

Application information and application periods (Into)