Aalto University School of Business is the leading business school in Finland and one of the top schools in Europe, established in 1911. It is strongly dedicated to research.

Admission to Aalto University School of Business doctoral programme is very competitive. In turn, we believe that the doctoral courses and the supervision that we offer, together with the collegial athmosphere of our doctoral students, post docs, and faculty members will combine to make your stay at the School of Business rewarding and provide you with an excellent foundation for your future career, be it in business or academia.

What do we offer

The School of Business offers an English-language four-year doctoral programme in Business, Economics and Finance for those seeking academic careers or high level positions in business. Last year 24 doctors graduated from the School.

New doctoral students are selected in an application process once a year.

Why Aalto Doctoral Programme

Attractive options for financing. Full time doctoral students who are progressing in their studies will receive an after tax salary of approximately 25,000 € (depending on other income and tax deductions) in years 1 and 2 from a combination of salary and grants from foundations. From year 3 onwards the doctoral students are expected to find their own funding, either as a paid researcher or from foundations. The School may also offer some fully paid doctoral researcher positions for best applicants.

Genuinely international collaboration.The departments and professors of the School have longstanding co-operation with other universities worldwide and faculty members have been working as visiting professors eg. in London Business School, EMLYON business School and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

What do we expect

As a rule, the doctoral dissertations are written in English and the main results are often published as articles in international refereed scientific journals. In order to guarantee a high international standard the School encourages every doctoral student to publish at least one article in refereed international journals. Consequently, articles have been published in journals like Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science or Journal of Financial Economics. The pre-examiners and opponents of dissertations are normally from well-known universities outside Finland, often European and American. The employment situation of the graduates is very good.

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