The application time begins in November 5, 2020. Applications with appendices must be submitted by January 15, 2021 by 12:01 o’clock (Finnish time, GMT +2) at the latest. Please see: for admission schedule, criteria and process.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

 How often is the application process organized?

We organize the application process once a year.

 Is it the same process for all?

Anyone who is interested in doctoral studies at the Aalto University School of Business participates in the same application process. You may have financing of your own, another doctoral degree, you may be a citizen in Finland, Scandinavia or some other country. If you have already some scientific qualifications like relevant  publications, they can be considered in the admission process.

 When do I start my studies if I am admitted to the programme?

You will start your doctoral studies at the beginning of September.  However, if you so wish, you are entitled to start studying immediately after you are admitted. If that is the case please contact  for an earlier start.

 Where can I find the application form?

A link to the application with instructions is on this website, see above. The form is electronic. The applicant scans and saves all appendices to the form, except a GMAT or GRE report and referees' recommendation letters. No paper appendices are required.

 Can I apply without a GMAT or GRE?

A GMAT or GRE General Test is a necessary part of your application and we require the test from all applicants. The School of Business receives the official test results direct from the test organizer’s database, so please do not order printed score reports to be sent to School of Business.

 How many recommendation letters are necessary?

Two. They should be sent direct to the office of the Doctoral Programme. They can be printed on paper or sent by email. In both cases they should come direct from the referee to the doctoral program. However, if you completed your master's degree at Aalto University School of Business and your pro gradu supervisor is a member of the School's faculty, recommendation letters many not be necessary but it is best to ask about this from the department.

 Do you have a tuition fee?

There is no tuition fee in the School of Business Doctoral Programme and usually most of the literature can be obtained through the University library. The students have to cover their living expenses.

 How and when should I take measures to arrange my funding?

The funding arrangements are made when the admission process is over and we will contact the admitted students about the procedure.

 What is the admission rate to the doctoral programme?

In the last application procedure we received applications from 83 applicants and out of them, 27 were admitted. The rate varies from year to year so the previous years’ rates may not be relevant this time.

 What is "selected academic work"?

“Selected academic work” which figures on the list of appendices should be chosen by the applicant. It can be a master’s thesis, if you graduated recently or have not graduated yet, or a research report or publication or some other piece of scientific work which you consider relevant in the application process.

 Should I have my certificates translated in English?

All material which you want to be considered in the application process should be in a language understood by the persons evaluation applications. Generally it means English or Finnish. If your documents are in some other language, you can contact your applied major’s professor.