Courses and lectures

Doctoral level courses for CHEM students

 Doctoral level courses for CHEM students

CHEM-L1000 Toolkit for Doctoral Studies (5 cr)

  • Begins every September (lectures and seminar days continue from autumn to spring period)

CHEM-L2000: Ultrathin Films, 8 cr

CHEM-L2030: Unit Operations of Paper and Board Finishing and Converting, 7 cr

CHEM-L2110: Advanced Molecular Modelling, 3 cr

CHEM-L2120: Research Seminar in Industrial Chemistry V, 3 - 7 cr

CHEM-L2130: Research Seminar on Electrochemistry, 12 cr

CHEM-L2140: Research Seminar on Organic Chemistry, 12 cr

CHEM-L2150: Biofuels and Biorefineries, 5 cr

CHEM-L2200: Advanced Microfabrication V, 8 cr

CHEM-L2210: Advanced Thin Film Technology, 8 cr

CHEM-L2220: Research Seminar in Sustainable Metals Processing V, 3 - 5 cr

CHEM-L2230: Research Seminar in Functional Materials V, 3 - 5 cr

CHEM-L4010: Teaching Partner Chem, 1 - 5 cr

CHEM-LV Defend your research work (1 cr)

Seminar offering practical training for defence and presentation skills

Other possible suggestions - Level: Master / Doctoral studies

.         CHEM-E2140: Cellulose-Based Fibres, 5 cr

.          CHEM-E2145: Polymer Reaction Engineering, 5 cr

.          CHEM-E2150: Interfacial Phenomena in Biobased Systems P, 5 cr

.          CHEM-E2155: Biopolymers, 5 cr

.          CHEM-E2160: Product Development Practices, 5 cr

.          CHEM-E2165: Computer Aided Visualization and Scientific Presentation, 3 - 5 cr

.          CHEM-E2185: Wood Specialization Course: A Project Work P V, 5 - 10 cr

.          CHEM-E2195: Interfacial Phenomena in Renewable Materials Research Project P V, 5 - 10 cr

.          CHEM-E2200: Polymer Blends and Composites, 5 cr

.          CHEM-E2210: Product Development- Project Course, 10 cr

           CHEM-E3150: Biophysical chemistry L, 5 cr

.          CHEM-E4210: Molecular Thermodynamics L, 5 cr

.          CHEM-E5130: Laboratory Course in Functional Materials, V, 5 cr

.          CHEM-E5135: Biomimetic materials and technologies, 5 cr

.          CHEM-E5145: Materials for Renewable Energy P, 5 cr

.          CHEM-E5200: Personal Research Assignment in Functional Materials V, 5 - 10 cr

.          CHEM-E5205: Advanced Functional Materials P, 5 cr

.          CHEM-E5210: Group Research Assignment in Functional Materials V, 5 - 10 cr

.          CHEM-E5215: Materials for Nuclear Power Plants P, 5 cr

.          CHEM-E5225: Electron Microscopy P, 5 cr

.          CHEM-E6210: Individual Research Project, V, 5 - 10 cr

.          CHEM-E6215: Circular Economy Design Forum P, 5 cr

.          CHEM-E6225: Technical Innovation Project, 10 cr

Welcome for new doctoral candidates at the School of CHEM - Toolkit for doctoral studies

  • Give yourself the best possible start and attend course CHEM-L1000 Toolkit for Doctoral Studies, organized in September - Feb.
    Content: Doctoral studies in a nutshell, presentation skills, how to publish science etc.

  • Strongly recommended to the all new students who have started their doctoral studies within one year, but the course is open for everyone interested

Research ethics for doctoral candidates

  • A online course including two compulsory workshops for doctoral candidates at Aalto University.
  • Recommended for doctoral candidates if Toolkit course is not done, 2 credits

  • The teacher is Dr. Henriikka Mustajoki

     Course details


    The course is organized two times a year, once in the autumn term and once in the spring term. The next course will be organized in the November 2019.

    Please sign up here by 20 October 2019. Open for doctoral candidates in all schools at Aalto University.


    Doctoral studies, recommended for first or second year of study. The course is 2 ECTS and comprises of 40 hours of independent study and 8 hours of workshop.

    The course content is described in the course outline (pdf, autumn course version to be updated).

    Mode of study

    The course will be taught online and during two compulsory workshops. The course languages are English. Most of the course is self-directed and allows for great flexibility with when and where it is done. However, assessments have strict deadlines.

    The course completion requires:

    • active engagement with the course material,
    • completing compulsory assessment tasks.

    The course evaluation is based on adequately achieving learning outcomes as evidenced in the assessment tasks.

    Evaluation criteria



    Dr Henriikka Mustajoki is the course coordinator. You can contact Henriikka on henriikka.mustajoki(at) or via Moodle message facility.

Scientific writing and communication

Pedagogical studies

Select+ doctoral students:

Select+ course Societal models and regulation for sustainable energy systems 5 ECTS (version 2018-2019)

*Course only for Select+ doc. students*

Project management and research funding


  • Aalto Ventures Program (AVP) offers courses in entrepreneurship. Doctoral candidates are welcome to join the courses. 
  • Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE) coordinates activities related to technology transfer and commercialization, intellectual property management and startup companies.
  • EIT Digital Innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) program for doctoral candidates in the field of ICT gives knowledge and competences to start new businesses and to launch new products and services. 

Career planning and competence development

  • HR offers support for career planning and competence development through workshops and other events, in Services (requires Aalto password).


Pre-examination info for doctoral candidates

  • Organized once a year.
  • Contents: From preparing the manuscript for the pre-examination to right to publish the thesis.

  • Lecturers: Markus Linder, Sirje Liukko.

Defence info for doctoral candidates

  • From right to publish a dissertation to defence and graduation.
  • Organized once a year.

Printing platform info by Aalto library

  • presentation of the Aalto publication platform; tips for public defence by a recently graduated doctor

Writing the compiling part of an article dissertation

  • Organized 1-2 times a year, next time 15 May 2019

     More details

    A 4-hour lecture for doctoral candidates at Aalto University.

    The lecture provides doctoral candidates with an understanding of writing an article dissertation effectively once the related articles have been written. The lecture will help doctoral candidates in understanding the role of the separate articles and the dissertation as a whole. After the lecture doctoral candidates will know what is required from an article dissertation and how to reach the goal as efficiently as possible while maintaining high standards. Doctoral candidates will have a good perception of the dissertation requirements and structure.


    • Structure of an article dissertation
    • Perceiving the whole created by the articles
    • General quality requirements and forms of dissertations in the School of Science
    • Publication process
    • Optimal order of writing
    • Schedule for writing the compilation

    Voluntary reference material (available at


    Dr. Pekka Belt.