The doctoral programme committee comprises a chair and 4-6 professorial members merited in doctoral education and representing the central fields of research of the school. One of the professorial members may be from another school within Aalto University. In addition, the committee has a doctoral candidate member representing the fields of research of the school. These committee members are elected by the school's Academic Committee. The committee elects a vice chair from among its members. The committee may have deputy members.

The term of the doctoral degree committee is four calendar years.

The doctoral programme committee shall

  1. develop the content of the doctoral programmes and the joint studies offered by the school;
  2. put forth proposals to the school academic committee on the fields of research in doctoral programmes;
  3. prepare proposals for the dean on admission of doctoral students;
  4. appoint the preliminary examiners of dissertations and decide on the permission for public defence of dissertation;
  5. appoint the opponents for doctoral dissertations;
  6. evaluate the dissertations;
  7. appoint the examiners of licentiate theses;
  8. evaluate licentiate theses; and
  9. perform other duties assigned to it by the dean or in the degree regulations.

In addition, the doctoral programme committee shall, unless it has assigned the chair to decide on any of the matters:

  1. appoint a supervising professor and advisor(s) for the doctoral student;
  2. decide on the degree language of the doctoral student and on the topic and language of the licentiate or doctoral degree;
  3. confirm the study plans of doctoral students;
  4. decide on the change of time and language of the of public examination of the doctoral dissertation and appoint new custos for it.

Committee meetings on autumn 2019 and spring season 2020

Secretary of the Doctoral Programme Committee: Sirje Liukko, Lis.Sc.(Tech.), contact information.

Members of the Doctoral Programme Committee

Chair prof. Markus Linder, vice-chair prof. Mauri Kostiainen, members prof. Jan Deska, prof. Mark Hughes, prof. Marjatta Louhi-Kultanen, prof. Lasse Murtomäki and vice member prof. Riikka Puurunen.

Student member for years 2018 and 2019 are Moriam Most and vice student member Fabian Krahl.

Student member for year 2020 are Deepika Dahiya (Bio2) and vice student member Syed Farhan Ali (CMAT).

Extended Doctoral Programme Committee meetings are held twice a year, and they include two doctoral student representatives from each department:

BIO2: NN and Bart Rooijakkers;

CMAT:Joonas Heikkinen and Miikka Jokinen;



Instructions for the theoretical studies (40 cr) at CHEM (present, official version)

Kemian tekniikan tohtoriohjelman opetussuunnitelma 2018-2020