The doctoral programme committee comprises a chair and 4 professorial members merited in doctoral education and representing the central fields of research of the school. In addition, the committee has a doctoral candidate member representing the fields of research of the school.

The term of the doctoral degree committee is three calendar years. Current term ends on December 31, 2019.


Autumn 2019

Meeting dateDeadline for applicationsAdditional information
Thu 22 August, 2019Mon 12 August, 2019
Thu 26 September, 2019Mon 16 September, 2019
Thu 24 October, 2019Mon 14 October, 2019Admissions
Thu 21 November, 2019Mon 11 November, 2019

Aalto ELEC doctoral school funded positions

Tue 17 December, 2019Mon 9 December, 2019

Spring 2020

Meeting dateDeadline for applicationsAdditional information
Thu 23 January, 2020Mon 13 January, 2020
Thu 13 February, 2020Mon 3 February, 2020
Thu 12 March, 2020Mon 2 March, 2020
Thu 9 April, 2020Mon 30 March, 2020

Thu 7 May, 2020Mon 27 April, 2020Applications
Tue 16 June, 2020Fri 5 June, 2020Please note that the deadline is 11 days before the meeting

Applications with the appendices should be delivered to the doctoral team, TUAS-Building, room 1157 or to 10 days before the meeting.

The duties of the Doctoral Programme Committee are to

  • develop the content of the doctoral programmes and the joint studies offered by the school;
  • put forth proposals to the school academic committee on the fields of research in doctoral programmes;
  • prepare proposals for the dean on admission of doctoral students;
  • appoint the preliminary examiners of dissertations and decide on the permission for public defence of dissertation;
  • appoint the opponents for doctoral dissertations;
  • evaluate the dissertations;
  • appoint the examiners of licentiate theses;
  • evaluate licentiate theses; and
  • perform other duties assigned to it by the dean or in the degree regulations. 

Committee has assinged the following tasks to the Chair (June 2018):

  • to appoint a supervising professor and advisor(s) for the doctoral student after the commencement of studies but before the start of the preliminary examination;
  • to decide on the degree language of the doctoral student and on the topic and language of the licentiate or doctoral degree after the commencement of studies but before the start of the preliminary examination;
  • to confirm the study plans of doctoral students however, so that the chair can transfer the student's study plan to the Doctoral Programme Committee, for example, if the decision requires a broader discussion; and
  • to decide on the time and language of the of public examination of the doctoral dissertation and appoint the custos for it if these have not been decided in connection with the appointment of the opponent or if this information is changed;

The Chair also decides on

  • the full-time status changes for the chair to decide. The status is defined in admission.
  • decide on research field changes after the commencement of studies.

Members of Doctoral Programme Committee

Member1. Deputy member2. Deputy member

prof. Ari Sihvola (chair)

prof. Antero Arkkioprof. Arto Visalaprof. Matti Lehtonen
prof. Vesa Välimäki

prof. Erkki Ikonen

prof. Risto Wichman
prof. Harri Lipsanenprof. Ilkka Tittonenprof. Sergei Tretiakov
prof. Tarik Talebprof. Heikki Hämmäinenprof. Antti Oulasvirta
doc. cand Mikko Leinodoc. cand. Anastasiia Kravtcovaas of 1.8.2018