Accounts and passwords

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Aalto University account

Every student and employee needs for their work and studies Aalto account in order to use IT systems at Aalto University.

You can get your account using self-service portal .  Authorization to the service is via the VETUMA service, using either your Finnish Internet bank identifiers or your electronic ID card issued by the Finnish police or your mobile certificate.

You may also activate your username by visiting one of the IT service desks on Aalto campuses. You have to prove your identity with an official ID card, meaning a passport, Finnish ID card or Finnish driver's license.

There is Single Sign On system on Aalto workstations e.g. in computer classrooms. The Single Sign On system enables the users to access certain web based services at Aalto with a single login for up to twelve hours.

Usage policy of information systems

Usage policy of information systems usage at Aalto University concerns all members of the Aalto University academic community, other users of Aalto University information systems and Aalto University units. The usage policy also concerns all information systems and workstations located at the university.

IT Service Desk

There are IT service desks on campuses. You need to identify yourself by official ID card.

Contact information: IT Service Desk, tel. +358 50 513 2000