Doctoral Programme in Engineering

Risto Lahdelma Professor

Ritva Viero Planning Officer room 233, Tietotie 1 E tel. +358 50 597 0610 Postal address P.O.Box 15200, 00076 AALTO

  • secretary of the Doctoral Programme Committee
  • process of pre-examination of doctoral dissertation
  • appointing the opponent
  • cotutelle-agreements
  • general matters of doctoral programme
  • applications for doctoral studies
  • applications for funded doctoral programme positions

Reetta Mannola Coordinator, Study Affairs room 233, Tietotie 1 E tel. +358 50 373 7702 Postal address P.O.Box 15200, 00076 AALTO

  • confirmation of the study plan
  • approval of dissertation and graduation
  • changing the supervising professor or thesis advisor
  • examination and approval of licentiate thesis and graduation
  • scholarship applications for the first scientific article
  • applications for doctoral studies
  • dissertation release and public display of dissertation
  • scholarship applications for doctoral students and for doctoral degree completion
  • registering individual study attainments, doctoral studies

Contact details of the Departments

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Built Environment

Department of Civil Engineering

Contact details of the ENG professors

Student Service Desk, Aalto University School of Engineering (ENG)

At the Student Service Desk

  • you can get student certificates and transcripts of records are issued (you can get an official digitally-signed transcript of records via SISU).
  • you may enroll for the academic year (primarily through OILI-enrolment service)
  • you can make changes to your name and address in the student register (primary address can also be changed using SISU)
  • registration of students and issues related to study rights, inc. non-degree students, are handled
  • you can register to graduation ceremony or pick up your degree certificate after graduation

Visiting address: Otakaari 4, K1 building, room 102, ESPOO/Otaniemi Postal address: Learning Services, P.O.Box 14100, 00076 AALTO, Finland E-mail: Telephone: +358 50 347 8230

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Open on Tuesdays and Thursdays 12 noon  2 p.m. (also upon agreement)  

Mail for Learning Services can be dropped at the mail box outside of the glass doors of the Learning Services hallway in Otakaari 4.

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