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The purpose of doctoral studies is for the student to acquire more profound scientific knowledge and skills in scientific research and their practical application than is provided by master’s degree studies. The key element in doctoral studies is to acquire the skills required in research and the application of research results.

It is possible to study physics, mathematics, neuroscience, biomedical engineering, computer science and industrial engineering and management in the Doctoral Programme of the School of Science. It is recommended for the applicant to get to know the research fields before applying. The possible degrees are Licentiate of Science in (Technology) and Doctor of Science in (Technology).

Duration of doctoral studies

The recommended period for completing the Licentiate of Science (Technology) degree is 2 years and the recommended period for completing the Doctor of Science (Technology) is 4 years.

Full-time doctoral studies are the aim at the School of Science. Full-time doctoral students' personal study plans are drawn up so as to complete the doctorate within four years from granting the right to pursue doctoral studies. More information about full-time and part-time doctoral studies.

The structure and content of the doctoral degree

The doctoral degree consists of theoretical studies and research work. The emphasis is on research work. The extent of studies is determined by ECTS credits, so that studies completed in one academic year, an average of 1600 hours work, is the equivalent of 60 ECTS credits.

The licentiate degree consists of theoretical studies and licentiate thesis. The doctoral degree consists of theoretical studies and doctoral dissertation. If theoretical studies are completed in conjunction with the licentiate degree, the doctoral dissertation is the only further requirement.

Detailed information about the theoretical studies can be found here: Theoretical studies of the doctoral degree