Doctoral Programme in Science

Customer service is provided primarily via telephone or email but you can also visit our office during office hours.

Email: doctoral-sci-elec at

Office hours: Thursdays 9:00-11:30 (Not during summer holidays between 30 June and 4 August)

Street address: Maarintie 8 (TUAS-building), rooms 1157 and 1161

Postal address: P.O.Box 15500, 00076 AALTO

Director of the Doctoral Programme: Professor Adam Foster, adam.foster at


Jaakko Autio

On holiday 4.7.–5.8.2022

Planning Officer

All departments

  • pre-examination applications
  • general matters and development of the doctoral programme
  • examination and approval of licentiate thesis and graduation
  • international matters (incl. Cotutelle-agreements)

jaakko.autio at

+35850 365 2652

Kitta Peura

On holiday 28.6.–29.7.2022

Study CoordinatorAll departments
  • applications for doctoral studies
  • confirmation of the study plan and credit transfer (incl. JOO-courses)
  • registering individual study attainments
  • scholarship applications

kitta.peura at

+35850 442 4475

Aino Siiteri

On holiday 27.6.–1.7.2022 and 18.7.–5.8.2022

Study CoordinatorAll departments
  • applications for readmission
  • changing the supervising professor or thesis advisor
  • final approval of the Sisu credit plan before pre-examination
  • getting permission for public defence and appointing the opponent
  • doctoral thesis press release and public display of doctoral thesis
  • approval of doctoral thesis and graduation
aino.siiteri at 337 1814

All departments

  • doctoral-sci-elec at