Each school will implement their doctoral education in the form of doctoral programmes, which will include all doctoral students of the Aalto University Schools of Technology. The Dean of the School appoints a Head who is in charge of the programme’s function and of the enhancement and coordination of doctoral education together with the Doctoral Programme Committee. The Academic Committee for Science will appoint a Doctoral Programme Committee to support the Head.

According to the regulation 8§, the school has a Doctoral Programme Committee that has, in addition to the Chair, at least four professor members that represent the key research fields and have excelled in the doctoral studies. One of the professor members can be from another school of Aalto University.

The term of office of the Doctoral Programme Committee is three calendar years.

Doctoral Programme Committee 1.1.2017 - 31.12.2019

Secretary: Study Coordinator Laura Öhrnberg

Professor Tapio Lokki, ChairDepartment of Computer Science
Professor N. AsokanDepartment of Computer Science
Professor Adam FosterDepartment of Applied Physics
Professor Alexander Engström, Vice Chair
Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis
Professor Jukka TulkkiDepartment of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering
Professor Riitta SmedsDepartment of Industrial Engineering and Management
Deputy memberDepartment
Professor Jan HolmströmDepartment of Industrial Engineering and Management
Professor Mathias GrothDepartment of Applied Physics

The duties of the Doctoral Programme Committee are

  • to prepare the selection of the Doctoral Programme applicants for the Dean’s decision;
  • to approve the topic and decide on the language of postgraduate theses;
  • to confirm the study plans of the Doctoral Programme applicants;
  • to appoint the preliminary examiners for doctoral dissertation and decide on the permission to publish of dissertation’s manuscript; to grade dissertation;
  • to appoint the examiners for licentiate thesis;
  • to grade licentiate thesis; and
  • to discuss other matters appointed by the Dean or stated in degree regulations.

The Chair of the Doctoral Programme Committee decides the date of the defence of dissertation and its language and appoints Custos and opponent(s) for the defence of dissertation.