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The goal of the programme is to train the doctors of physics, mathematics, biomedical engineering, computer science and industrial engineering to serve in the academic world, public sector and industry. The departments responsible for the Doctoral Programme are: Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering, Department of Applied Physics, Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis, Department of Computer Science and Department of Industrial Engineering and Management. The research fields of the Doctoral Programme provided by the departments are arrayed around strong research traditions. The most important part of the education is the doctoral thesis work, which is supported by scientific doctoral studies and graduate courses so that the degree is principally done in four years. Almost half of the doctors that graduate from the Aalto University come from the Doctoral Programme of School of Science.

Departments and other units

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The administration of the Doctoral Programme

Each school will implement their doctoral education in the form of the doctoral programmes, which will include all the doctoral students of the Aalto University Schools of Technology. The Dean of the School appoints a Head who is in charge of the programme’s function and of the enhancement and coordination of doctoral education together with the Doctoral Programme Committee. The Academic Committee for Science will appoint a Doctoral Programme Committee to support the Head.

Doctoral Programme Committee

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