The doctoral education networks make educational collaboration through seminars, courses, summer schools and events as well as promote networking and increase peer support among doctoral candidates.

The school of science coordinates or participates in the following doctoral education networks:

Brain & Mind

CMMP- Network in Condensed Matter and Materials Physics

Doctoral Education Network in Systems Analysis, Decision Making and Risk Management

ENNUSTE - Doctoral Education Network in Nuclear Science and Technology

FDNSS - Finnish Doctoral Education Network in Stochastics and Statistics

HICT, Helsinki doctoral education network in information and communications technology

Nordic IoT Hub - Nordic collaboration in Industrial IoT

Discontinued doctoral education networks:

International Doctoral Programme in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics (iBioMEP)

Modernin optiikan ja fotoniikan tohtorinkoulutusverkosto

European Network on Forest Products Technology Research (PaPSaT)

STEAM-LET – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Design, and Mathematics: Learning and Educational Technology Doctoral Training Network

Mathematics of Engineering Sciences

Tuotantotalouden tohtorinkoulutusverkosto