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The School of Science has currently around 400 full-time and 600 part-time doctoral students. Most of full-time doctoral students are employed by different departments at Aalto University School of Science. There are approximately 400 doctoral students working at the School’s departments. Doctoral students can also work in other departments and institutions with whom the School is cooperating.

A significant part of the School’s doctoral students are working on their dissertation with the help of outside project funding, personal scholarship money, or funding from graduate schools. Funding possibilities vary between disciplines.

Aalto University Research and Innovation Services

Research and Innovation Services (RIS) serves the staff of Aalto University, providing services for obtaining and managing externally funded research projects. Research and Innovation Services e.g. consult on preparing research funding applications.

Grants, scholarships, awards

Doctoral candidates can avail of various alternatives to finance their studies and research work. Major funding sources are national doctoral programmes, research project, grants, assistantships and in some cases the student financial aid. It is also possible to apply for scholarships from Aalto University scholarship funds. It is worth discussing this with the supervising professor.

Graduate Schools and Doctoral Education Networks

From beginning of 2014, at Aalto University School of Science the funding for doctoral studies is allocated to departments who take care of the usage of funding for employment of full-time doctoral students. In order to continue the collaboration in doctoral education between universities, new doctoral education networks have been established. Most of the networks are based on graduate schools, but also new networks have been established.

Aalto University research projects

The university primarily employs its own doctoral candidates for university research projects. Doctoral candidates can work in school departments or in other research units. Private enterprises often form the second party in research projects. The supervising professor can give more information about research projects in the research field.

National and international research projects

Doctoral candidates may work on large national or international research projects which are related to their research field. Major funding for these projects comes from Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, the Academy of Finland and the European Union. Usually, the accountable project leaders of national and international projects at Aalto are professors, and doctoral candidates would do well to discuss with the accountable professor about taking part in a research project.

Grants and scholarships

Individual Grants and Scholarships from national and international trusts and other sources make a significant source of funding for doctoral studies. The doctoral candidate can finance international visits and conference trips or longer periods of studies with grants. More information can be found from the application calls. See: Financing doctoral studies

Student financial aid

If you are permanently living in Finland you might be entitled to student financial aid. More information at the web paged of student financial aid