Before graduation, make sure that:

  • you are enrolled as attending at the university
  • Theoretical studies (form 302) have been confirmed by the Doctoral Programme Committee
  • statement of the examiner has been submitted to Student Services of the Doctoral Programme
  • required corrections to the thesis have been made and supervising professor has submitted a recommending statement stating that thesis is ready to be published
  • the thesis has been presented publicly at the school or department

Application for approval of the thesis

The application shall be submitted to Student Services of the Doctoral Programme, check deadlines for applications and other meeting material. Bring two copies of the thesis bound in green-tinted covers, one to the supervising professor and the other to Student Services of the Doctoral Programme. If the thesis is not published electronically, the students sends also one bound copy to Aalto University Learning Centre. A list of possible book binderies for printing the thesis can be found via Google (e.g. kirjansitomo).

For electronic publishing, fill in the form of agreement on electronic publishing and send it along with the pdf -version of your licentiate thesis to Aalto University Learning Centre (aaltodoc-help@aalto.fi). More information: https://learningcentre.aalto.fi/en/publish-your-work-in-aalto-publication-series/..

Grading of licentiate thesis

The Doctoral Programme Committee will grade the licentiate thesis based on the examiner's proposal. When grading the thesis, the Committee will also consider, in addition to the examiner's statement, possible other statements, and possibly the supervising professor's statement on how the corrections suggested by the examiner have been taken into account (if such have been suggested in the examiner's statement).

Grades used when evaluating the licentiate thesis from 1 August 2018 onwards: fail, pass.


Schedules for licentiate graduation are the same as for doctoral graduation, please see schedules here.


After the licentiate thesis has been approved at the Doctoral Programme Committee, the Dean will award the degree if all the required studies have been completed and doctoral candidate has enrolled as present at the university.

The licentiate degree diploma entitles to the title of Licentiate of Science in Technology (TkL, Lic.Sc.(Tech.)).

Issuing the diploma

Diploma can be received about three weeks after the licentiate degree has been awarded:


1. Diploma can be collected from the Student Services s of the Aalto Doctoral Programme in Science (see contact information).

  • One must be prepared to attest one’s identity when collecting the diploma.
  • If a person collects the diploma on behalf of someone else, he/she must prepare to attest his/her identity; an authorization form is also needed.

2. Diploma can also be sent by mail as a registered letter (also to abroad). Diploma must be collected from post office in person.

3. The Dean of the School of Science presents the diploma at a ceremonious graduation ceremony. The graduates may take not more than three guests with them.

Continuing doctoral studies after licentiate degree

In Aalto University School of Science those who have completed the degree of Licentiate of Science in Technology can continue studies (i.e. dissertation research) towards the degree of Doctor of Science in Technology without a separate application. The student must enrol as present during enrolment periods also in doctoral studies. Student shall forfeit his/her right to study if he/she fails to enrol in the manner decreed by the university. In case the licentiate degree has been completed at another school, normal application procedures are followed.