Public examination



For doctoral candidate:

  • When opponent has been appointed and date of the defence confirmed, Doctoral Programme will send an official invitation to opponent. Doctoral Programme send also instructions for opponent in order to examine the dissertation. 
  • Doctoral candidate takes care of sending  the final dissertation to opponent. Doctoral Programme does not send the dissertation to opponent!
  • Booking of the lecture hall, other arrangements for the defence including travel and accommodation of the opponent are taken care of at the department (usually by the secretary of the research group but this may vary according to departments). Department pays the travel and accommodation of the opponent and a remuneration of 541 euros.
  • Department also pays the pre-examiners a remuneration (a´ 541 euro) and a printing compensation of the dissertation (500 euro, only if dissertation is published in Aalto University series). When ordering the printed dissertation, you can order two invoices, of which one is sent directly to department.
  • Coffee after the public defence can be ordered from the restaurant near the lecture hall (Amica or Sodexho).
  • Printed dissertation need to be publicly displayed at the latest 10 days prior to public defence. Also the dissertation release need to published at the latest 10 days prior to public defence.
  • More information about the public display and distribution of the dissertation may be found here
  • More information about the public defence itself may be found here
  • Dress code for the public defence is described here. If dress code is a tailcoat, department can rent a tailcoat for opponent as well.
  • Custos/supervising professor takes care of the hosting of the opponent during his/her visit. It is good to inform the opponent about the schedules well in advance.