(Decision of the Aalto University Academic Affairs Committee 20 December 2011)

Sufficient and high-quality supervision based on a relationship between the supervising professor and the doctoral candidate is a key quality factor in the doctoral training process. Appropriate supervision also enhances the quality of the research work. Good supervision allows the doctoral candidate to complete his/her studies and the associated research within the time specified in the personal study plan. Defining a shared set of university-level principles for the supervision of doctoral candidates furthers the equal treatment of all students.

The doctoral programme committees monitor and develop the school-level practices of supervising doctoral candidates in line with the university policy. The supervision principles are defined in a manner that does not regulate supervision in too much detail but allows individual needs to be considered in each guidance case.

Duties of the supervising professor and thesis advisor

Rights and responsibilities of doctoral candidates

Supervision plan

Students admitted to doctoral training are required to prepare a personal study plan including at least the theoretical studies and a plan of the execution of the research. Also the supervision practices are agreed upon at the start of the doctoral studies. It is recommended that the supervising professor, thesis advisor(s) and the doctoral candidate make a written supervision plan where they agree on the responsibilities, rights and obligations of each party involved in the doctoral training process.

At the School of Science the supervision plan is required and shall be made when applying to doctoral studies. The supervision plan shall be updated as necessary, e.g. in cases where supervising professor or thesis advisor changes.

Supervision plan -form

Supervision plan -form if the doctoral degree is divided between two schools of Aalto for the funding model

If your supervising professor changes

  • If the your supervising professor changes (e.g. if the topic of the dissertation changes, or the supervising professor retires), the new supervising professor has to be confirmed officially by the Doctoral Programme Committee.