Doctoral Programme Committee 14.2.2017

Application for licentiate thesis examination

When the thesis is ready for examination (supervising professor and thesis advisor have approved the thesis) the examiner, supervising professor and thesis advisor as well as the topic and language of the licentiate thesis are confirmed. The application includes the following:

  1. Form 303
  2. CV and publication list of the examiner
  3. Abstract of the thesis in English
  4. A list of publications included in the thesis and author’s contribution* (*article thesis)
  5. Final version of the thesis in a pdf form which is sent to the presenting official

The applications shall be submitted to the Student Services of the Doctoral Programme, check deadlines for applications.

The deadline for the complete thesis is one day before the Doctoral Programme Committee meeting at 9 am, all the other material needs to be submitted by the application deadline.

The licentiate thesis shall include one or two abstracts: one abstract in English and another one in Finnish or Swedish if the author has received his/her high school education in Finland.

Examiner of the licentiate thesis

The licentiate thesis is examined by an independent examiner. The examiner cannot be from the School of Science. The examiner must hold at least a licentiate's degree, and he/she is to present his/her own, independent evaluation of the thesis. The examiner cannot have a too close relation to the author of the thesis, its supervising professor or thesis advisor, so that there will be no doubts of partiality.

The student shall not take part in selecting the examiner; however he/she has a chance to make a remark on his/her selection. Before the examiner is presented, the supervising professor is advised to get in contact with him/her and confirm that he/she agrees to do the examination according to the schedule.

Examination of the licentiate thesis

The Student Services of the Doctoral Programme sends the thesis manuscript to the examiner. The examiner is asked to give his/her statement within six weeks’ time from receiving the material that is to be examined.

When the examiner's statement arrives, the presenting official sends the statement to the student and supervising professor. The student has one year to make the necessary corrections.*

 *
  • If the student will not be able to make the corrections to the dissertation manuscript before the given deadline (which is one year from getting the examiner’s statement), he/she may stop the examination process by informing the Doctoral Programme Committee about that (an e-mail message to Student Services of the Doctoral Programme).
  • If the doctoral candidate cannot be reached, he/she has not sent a revised manuscript of the thesis by the deadline, or has not stopped the examination process him/herself, the Doctoral Programme Committee will stop the examination process in its meeting, after the deadline has expired.

Corrections to the thesis

The student sends the corrected thesis and the clarification of the corrections to the supervising professor, who checks the corrections that have been made.

After the supervising professor has accepted the clarification and the corrected thesis, he/she will send a short statement of this to Student Services of the Doctoral Programme. In his/her statement the supervising professor states that the necessary corrections have been made and that the thesis is ready to be published. If the examiner does not suggest any corrections, the supervising professor will state in his statement that the thesis is ready to be published.

Presenting the licentiate thesis

The licentiate thesis is presented at the department. After the presentation the supervising professor sends a freely formulated e-mail to Student Services of the Doctoral Programme with confirmation of the presentation.

Publishing the licentiate thesis

The licentiate thesis shall be bound in hard green-tinted covers. There are no layouts/templates specifically for licentiate theses, but students can use ones made for dissertations; they are here (in Aalto Inside, requires logging in).

The student binds an English abstract to the licentiate thesis.

The licentiate thesis is a public document and shall be available at the School (at Doctoral Programme Office until the thesis is approved by the Doctoral Programme Committee, and after that it can be found at departmental libraries or in Aaltodoc publication archive.

Instructions for publishing licentiate theses electronically

Electronically published theses are visible to anyone in the world. Fill in the form of agreement on electronic publishing and send it along with the pdf -version of your licentiate thesis to Aalto University Learning Center aaltodoc-help@aalto.fi. More information: http://libguides.aalto.fi/c.php?g=653791&p=4590162.