Aalto Doctoral Programme in Arts, Design and Architecture


Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture offers doctoral studies in the fields of architecture, art, design, media, film and scenography.

The Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture offers an international doctoral programme for those seeking careers in art, design, media or architecture. Studies leading to a doctoral degree can be taken in all research fields represented at the School. The normative time to take the degree for full-time doctoral students is four years and for part-time doctoral students four-eight years.

Doctoral studies in Art and Design have been offered from 1981, and currently around 140 Doctors of Arts have graduated. The special feature of the programme is that the dissertation can also include art or design productions. Department of Art, Department of Design, Department of Film, Television and Scenography and Department of Media offer doctoral studies for Doctor of Arts degree.

The Department of Architecture is the oldest and largest of the three departments of architecture in Finland. The first publication of a doctoral dissertation took place in 1921, and since then over 50 candidates have been awarded their doctoral degrees. Postgraduate degree studies are offered for Doctor of Science (Architecture) degree.

Doctoral education at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture is internationally interactive, and the School encourages researcher mobility to foster the exchange of ideas, research collaboration and career development. Annually more than 15 Doctors of Arts and one or two Doctors of Science (Architecture) are graduating. The employment situation of the graduates is very good.

The research database, ReseDa gives information about doctoral students and their research projects. You may browse the information by individual researcher, unit or field of study. http://reseda.taik.fi. You can find texts and dissertations through Aaltodoc publication archive.