For managing their studies doctoral students at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Aalto ARTS) are offered various support services. Content specific information about research is mostly given by the research contact persons in the departments together with student's Supervising Professors and Thesis Advisors. Aalto ARTS Learning Services together with Doctoral Programme helps in matters related to doctoral studies.


 Heads of Research

All five departments have their own Head of Research, who is in charge of doctoral studies and can guide doctoral candidates and applicants. They act as the contact persons within and outside of their department in matters concerning research. Contact information

 Research Information System ACRIS

ACRIS (Aalto Current Research Information System) is a modern, new research information system that comprehensively brings together information about the results of our scientific and artistic activities. The information it contains is used at Aalto to evaluate productivity and also for reporting on our research and other activities to the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The system will aim at supporting researchers and artists in managing their academic merits through publication lists and CV templates. The system is especifically helpful for Open Access -publishing.

How to login to ACRIS?

First you need to syncronize your person data to ACRIS. The permission can be given in WebOodi after your study right has begun and you have Aalto user accoount.

  1. Login to
  2. Choose User information
  3. Click Conditions for giving out student information
  4. Choose My personal information and click Modify
  5. Click the box My personal information may be transferred to Aalto research information system

Then proceed to log in to ACRIS at

Assistance and support available at events and online

Instructions for using the system are available online (

 Publishing and printing services

Aalto publication series

Aalto University publications, doctoral dissertations, research reports etc., are published under the series of the university. A publication is putted together on the publication platform webservice, and the process is finished with placing an order to the printing house.

Aalto ARTS Books

The publishing house of the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Aalto ARTS Books publishes books on design, media, art, art education and different areas of visual culture. Orders  / Aalto ARTS Books and the Musta Taide.


Unigrafia is a service unit that focuses on graphic and digital communication and is owned by Aalto University, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and the University of Helsinki. It specialises in graphic and digital communication services developed for the needs of universities.

  • Multichannel publishing services: printing, publishing, web products
  • Functional and cost-effective printing services
  • Supporting the visual look of universities

 Learning Services (LES)

Enrollment, certificate of student status, transcript of study records, changes to the study right: Learning Services Contact Information

 Psychology Services

The Psychology Service at Aalto University offers counselling and support for learning, motivation, self-regulation, study skills, coping with stress and career choice.

Meetings with a registered psychologist are available free of charge for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students of the university. PhD students should primarily contact their occupational healthcare service, when available.

Contact e-mail: If you are booking an appointment, please see the instructions.'

More information in Into: Psychology Service


The Aalto University Library's Campus Libraries are open for all customers, and the basic services such as borrowing and information services are for anyone to use. Some of the services are only for students, staff or individual schools of Aalto University. For the most part e-resources are acquired for the use of the whole Aalto University.

More information in Into: Aalto University Library

 IT Services

IT Services supports studies through a number of student IT services:

  • basic services such as customer support, e-mail, wireless LAN connections and printing
  • applications for managing study information, and for supporting studies and collaboration
  • well-equipped computer classrooms with up-to-date software on every campus

More information in Into: IT Services

 Career Services

Career planning, information sessions, guidance: Aalto University Career Services


Doctoral students, as other degree students, are generally responsible for arranging their own accommodation. It is good to know that Aalto University does not own student dormitories which could accommodate doctoral students.

Aalto University's housing information site

  • A Practical information section provides useful information on  e.g. how to get electricity contract, what is the water fee, and where to buy furnitures. There is also very good-to-know section for tenancy issues.
  • Access the site:

In case you are officially employed by Aalto University  you may visit also Housing pages for incoming staff members.


UniSport is a joint venture between Aalto University and the University of Helsinki offering sports and exercise services. The goal is to promote wellbeing in the academic community and society in general by increasing awareness of personal wellbeing, providing sports and exercise opportunities as well as fostering an environment conducive to exercise.

UniSport offers meeting spots for members of the academic community at the two universities’ six campuses. At UniSport you can try out and engage in both traditional and novel activities: examples of our wide range of options include gym training, group exercise, ball sports, combat sports and dance. The main objective is to gain new experiences rather than try to excel. UniSport caters to both the body and mind.

More information:

Associations under the Student Union AYY

Various sports and other hobby associations act under the Aalto University Student Union AYY. More information at:

 Health Services

Doctoral students resident in Finland are offerent health care services by their home municipality, find out more on the website of the city you live in.

If you have a work contract with Aalto University, you are entitled to occupational healt care services, more information at Inside (Sign-in with Aalto user account).

  Statutory insurance for students

Aalto University has taken out statutory accident insurance for its students with the insurance institution If; the coverage is based on the act on coverage for accidents sustained in work-like circumstances associated with studies (Laki opiskeluun liittyvissä työhön rinnastettavissa olosuhteissa syntyneen vamman tai sairauden korvaamisesta 1318/2002).  Under the said act, students are insured against accidents sustained during practical training associated with studies. The policy covers accidents related to teaching at an institution and practical training while in a work placement without pay provided the placement is external to the educational establishment. If the work placement is paid for, the student is covered under the accident insurance taken out by the employer.

The study-related accident insurance covers accidents during studies or a work placement abroad, provided that the studies or work placement is part of the curriculum of the student in the Finnish educational establishment. Students travelling abroad are recommended to take out personal travel insurance to complement the statutory insurance to cover illness during travel or trip interruption or cancellation.

It should be noted that the insurance taken out by Aalto is an accident insurance policy which only covers accidents sustained when attending practice-oriented teaching and practical training without pay. Hence the insurance taken out by Aalto University does not cover accidents sustained for instance, during lectures or otherwise on the university premises, but only those sustained during practical assignments (e.g. studios, workshops, exercises in laboratories or field practice).

For more information, contact Matti Niemelä:, tel. 050 369 7809