Study Programme 2016-2017

Course details

List of courses offered

Doctoral Studies Introduction

  • Personal invitation will be sent to new doctoral candidates, but the event is open to all
  • Doctoral studies in a nutshell, information about the Doctoral Programme, studies and practices
  • Date: 21 September 2016
  • Schedule and place to be announced later

I General Research Studies,  14-18 cr

  • ARTS-LV  Introduction to Doctoral Studies at Aalto ARTS, 0/1 cr
  • ARTS-LV Research Ethics and good scientific practice, 1 cr
  • MUO-L0004 Doing Research, 6 cr
  • ARK-E5000 Methodology, 5 cr
  • ARTS-L0601 Tutkimusmenetelmät, 2-4 cr
  • ARTS-L0602 Estetiikka ja taiteenfilosofia tohtoriopiskelijoille, 8 op
  • MUO-L0006  Perspectives on Research through Art and Design Practices, 2-4 cr
  • TAI-L0052 Lecture series: On the methodology of artistic research, 2-4 cr

Language and communication courses for doctoral candidates

MA-courses, also for doctoral students:

  • ARTS-E0601  Tiedon ja taidon filosofia, 2 op
  • ARTS-E0600  Contemporary Aesthetics 3 cr
  • TAI-E3119 Words and Spaces Studio (V), 5 cr

II Studies in the Research Field,  14-16 cr


  • ARK-L5001 Doctoral Stables/ Tohtoritalli, Research Seminar, 5 cr
  • ARK-E5007 Urban Laboratory, 5-10 cr
  • ARK-L5000 Planning Theory and Urban Studies,  5-10, cr
  • MAR-E1006 Landscape Architecture and Research, 3-6 cr
  • ARK-E1500 Theory of Architecture, 3-9 cr


  • TAI-L0001 Department of Art Doctoral Seminar (2 cr /each semester)
  • TAI-L0052 Lecture series 2: Imagination, ethics, fiction and reality. On new imagery, 4 cr
  • TAI-L0104 Text seminar on Georges Bataille, 4 cr
  • TAI-E3123 Philosophy of Art for Post-Contemporary Artists, 5 cr


  • MUO-L0001 Department of Design Research Seminar, 2+2 cr
  • MUO-L0002 Department of Design Winter School, 3  cr
  • MUO-L0003 Department of Design Summer School, 3 cr
  • MUO-L0005 Introduction to design research, 2 cr


  • ELO- L0001 Film program doctoral seminar - Research Sauna, 2-6 cr
  • ELO-L0002 Research Seminar in scenography and costume design, 2-6 cr
  • ELO-E6500 Costume and Research, 3-6  cr
  • ELO-LXXX Taiteellisen tutkimuksen kirjoittaminen, 2-6 op
  • ELO-L0003 Lukupiiri: Taide ja poliittinen, 2-4 op
  • ELO- L0003 Lukupiiri: Taiteellinen tutkimus/Artistic research reading seminar, 2-4 op


  • DOM-L0001 Visual Communication Design Doctoral Seminar (V), 2-6 op
  • DOM-L0002 Media Lab Doctoral Seminar, 3-6 cr
  • DOM-L0003 Valokuvataiteen jatko-opintoseminaari (V), 2-6 op