Study Programme 2017-2018

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  • First teaching period in the academic year 2017-2018 at Aalto University starts on 11 September 2017
  • Introduction to Doctoral Studies at Aalto ARTS is organised 18-22 September 2017
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Doctoral Programme in Arts, Design and Architecture, curriculum 2017-2018

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I General Research Studies, 14-18 cr

Introduction and methodology package

Introduction – recommended for all first year doctoral candidates

ARTS-L0100 Introduction to Doctoral Studies (2 cr) (September 2017)
MUO-L0004 Doing Research (6 cr) (October 2017)
ARTS-L0105 Practices of Presenting Research (1-2 cr) (May 2018)

Methodologies – choose the courses which best support your research

ARTS-L0103 Methods of Gathering Data (4 cr) (January 2018)
ARTS-L0104 Methods of Analysing Data (4 cr) (Feb-March 2018) (The course is designed so that students will analyse research material, which they have gathered during the course Methods of Gathering Data).
ARK-E5000 Methodology (5 cr) (Architecture) (throughout the whole year)
TAI-L0005 Artistic and Art-Based Research: possibilities, practices and critique from an international perspective (4 cr) (April 2018)

Research ethics

ARTS-LV Research Ethics Online Course for Doctoral Candidates (1-2 cr)

  • Recommended: 2 ECTS version: online course + 2 workshops at Otaniemi
  • 1 ECTS online version: meant only for doctoral candidates who are not physically present in Helsinki/Espoo OR who are planning to take the UniArts course presented below
  • Sign up for the March 2018 course by 22 Feb 2018 (link below)
  • Organized again in the spring 2018 (first year candidates are recommended to take the course in the spring term)

More information & sign up: Research Ethics Course for Doctoral Students 2.3.-3-4.2018

XD-B2 Freedom and responsibility - central ethical questions related to art and research 1 cr (University of the Arts, 10-12 January 2018 - prerequisite: Research Ethics Online course, interested candidates should contact Course description in the WebOodi of the University of the Arts)

Language and philosophy courses for doctoral candidates

LCA-1030 Writing Doctoral Research (w) (3 cr) (group 1 in November 2017, group 2 in Feb-March 2018)
LCA-1031 Presenting Doctoral Research (o) (3 cr) (no teaching in 2017-2018)
ARTS-L0603 Philosophy of Science (4 cr) (throughout the whole year)
ARTS-L0604 Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art for Doctoral Students (6 cr) (throughout the whole year)

MA-courses available for doctoral candidates

ARTS-E0600 Contemporary Aesthetics (3 cr) (Jan-March 2018)
ARTS-E0601 Tiedon ja taidon filosofia (4 op) (no teaching in 2017-2018)
ARTS-E0602 Argumentaatiotaidot (2 op) (no teaching in 2017-2018)
ARTS-E0605 Tools and Techniques for Analyzing Digital Data (4 cr) (Jan-March 2018)

II Studies in the Research Field, 14-16 cr

Courses codes with L are meant for doctoral candidates only, courses coded with E are meant for both Master's students and doctoral candidates


ARK-L1001 Arkkitehtuurin historian jatko-opintojen seminaari (3-8 op) (contact the teacher)
ARK-L5000 Planning Theory and Urban Studies (5-10 cr) (Jan-April 2018)
ARK-L5001 Doctoral Stables, Research Seminar (5 op) (throughout the whole year)

MAR-E1006 Landscape Architecture and Research (3-6 op)
ARK-E1504 Introduction to Architectural Research (3 cr)
ARK-E2509 Design of Structures Theory (3-5 cr)
ARK-E3003 Design of Structures Autumn Studio (10 cr)
ARK-E3004 Design of Structures Spring Studio (10 cr)
ARK-E3005 Design of Structures Tectonics Seminar (3-5 cr)
ARK-E5000 Methodology (5 cr)


TAI-L0001 Department of Art Doctoral Seminar (2-4 cr) (throughout the whole year)
TAI-L0002 Department of Art Research Seminar (4-8 cr)
TAI-L0003 Symposium (4-8 cr)
TAI-L0004 Art as Transdisciplinary Discourse (4 cr) (Nov-Dec 2017)
TAI-L0005 Artistic and Art-Based Research: possibilities, practices and critique from an international perspective (4 cr) (April 2018)
TAI-L0006 Contemporary Theories for Art Research (4 cr) (Feb-May 2018)
TAI-LV Environment. Now? The Trouble with Interdisciplinarity (2-5 cr) (Jan-May 2018)
NEW: TAI-LV, Hybrid Discourses (2 cr) (Oct 2017)

TAI-E3119 Words and Spaces Studio (5 cr)
TAI-E3123 Philosophy of Art for Post-Contemporary Artists (5 cr)


MUO-L0001 Department of Design Research Seminar (2-4 cr) (throughout the whole year)
MUO-L0002 Department of Design Winter School (3 cr) (February 2018)
MUO-L0003 Department of Design Summer School (3 cr) (June 2018)
MUO-L0005 Introduction to Design Research (2 cr) (October 2017)
MUO-L0006 Perspectives on Research through Art and Design Practices (2-4 cr) (Oct 2017 - Jan 2018)
MUO-L0007 Managing design: Reading seminar (5 cr) (Sep-Dec 2017)

MUO-E3016 Design Ethnography (10 cr)
MUO-E3024 User Inspired Design Knowing (5 cr)
MUO-E3026 Strategic Co-Design (5 cr)
MUO-E3027 Strategic Co-Design Reading (5 cr)


ELO-L0001 Research Sauna: Seminar in Film and Television (2-8 op) (throughout the whole year)
ELO-L0002 Research Seminar in Scenography and Costume Design (4-8 cr) (contact the teacher)
ELO-L0003 Art and the Political Reading Circle (2 cr) (throughout the whole year)
ELO-L0004 Taiteellisen tutkimuksen kirjoittaminen (2-6 op)

ELO-E6500 Costume and Research (3-6 cr)


DOM-L0002 Media Lab Doctoral Seminar (3-6 cr) (throughout the whole year)
DOM-L0003 Doctoral Seminar in Photography (2-6 cr) (throughout the whole year)
DOM-L0004 Media Culture and Theory (2-6 cr) (throughout the whole year)
DOM-L0005 Visual Communication Design Doctoral Seminar (2-6 cr) (throughout the whole year)
DOM-L0006 Department of Media Doctoral School - Event-driven culture: Case study the visit (29-31 August 2017)

DOM-E3024 Basic Issues in Media Aesthetics (2-4 cr)