Useful Links for Mobility


Researcher's Mobility Portal (EU) Provides access through links to a selection of international, European, national, regional and sectoral web resources covering: research fellowships and grants, research job vacancies, practical information, research policies relevant to the career development of researchers in Europe. Also includes links to over 30 national mobility portals.

Researcher's Mobility Portal Finland The national mobility portal aims to offer a well-functioning service system for researchers, providing structured information about research and job opportunities, practical, legal and administrative matters in Finland.

Europe 4 Researchers/Newsletter aims to take a fresh look at the rich rewards and occasional challenges of working and pursuing a career in research today. The newsletter has three parts: news, focus and success stories. You can also register for newsletter -mailing list via the website.

European Job Mobility Portal The EURES Job Mobility Portal helps you to find the opportunities available: you can access job vacancies in 29 European countries, updated in real time, or you can create a CV and make it available to registered employers and EURES advisers helping employers find suitable candidates.

Academy of Finland is an expert organisation in research funding. Its mission is to promote high-quality scientific research by means of long-term funding based on scientific quality and by means of reliable evaluation, science policy expertise and extensive international cooperation.

The Finnish Secretariat for EU R&D provides information about the opportunities offered within the EU Framework Programme and gives advice on how to apply. A significant part of the Secretariat's information dissemination takes place in various seminars, courses and information days.

Meeus-forum is a self-help resource for the FP7 user community.

The Finnish Artists' Studio Foundation (FASF) promotes the opportunities of Finnish artists to work abroad and maintains Artist-in-Residence information in it's website for both Finnish and foreign artists.

CIMO (Centre for International Mobility) administers scholarship and exchange programmes and is responsible for implementing nearly all EU education, training, culture and youth programmes at national level. CIMO also advances teaching of Finnish language and culture in universities abroad and arranges summer courses in Finnish language and culture for international students. In addition, CIMO also promotes and organises international trainee exchanges. The site contains key statistics and other data on Finnish science and technology. There are also links for more in-depth information: statistical and other publications, documents and databases. See also Research in Finland -publication (pdf)

Study in Finland practical guide to study and live in Finland by CIMO (Center for International Mobility).

Virtual Finland is like a magazine covering a wide array of topics through articles written by named authors. Website includes news, ongoing and coming events, articles, photos, facts and figures of Finland, etc. See News from Finland.

The Finnish cultural and Academic Institutes The network comprises a total of 17 independent institutes around the world. The institutes focus on promoting different areas of Finnish culture, art, science and academic expertise in their respective country of operation. The site offers information on each institute as well as provides links to their websites.

Finnish Diplomacy Missions Abroad i.e. links to Finnish embassies by country.The site is held by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Map site A website that helps you to search locations in Finland by address, place name and other coordinations.

City of Helsinki The official website of Helsinki.

Journey planner advices you on the best public transport connection to your destination within the Helsinki region.

British Council in Finland works to connect people with learning opportunities and creative ideas from the UK and aims to build lasting mutually beneficial relationships between Finland and the to connect people with learning opportunities and creative ideas from the UK and aims to build lasting mutually beneficial relationships between Finland and the UK.

Fulbright Center is a service organization that specialises in cultural exchange between Finland and North America. The services include grant programs, advising and information services, and computer-based testing for academic admission and professional licensure.

Nordforsk (Nordic Research Board) is an independent institution operating under the Nordic Council of Ministers responsible for Nordic cooperation within research and research training.

Braintrack University Index includes over 8 300 links to higher educational institutions in 194 countries.

Recognition of foreign qualifications in Finland