MSc degree studies consist of the following study modules: Programme studies 84 ECTS credits, Minor studies 24 ECTS credits and Electives 12 ECTS credits.

In addition to the goals stated in Government Decree on University Degrees (794/2004) 7 § the aim of the Master of Science degree in Economics and Business Administration is to provide students with

  • deep overall knowledge of the area of the specialised master’s degree programme, and very good knowledge of the minor subject or corresponding study entities included in the degree;
  • the knowledge and skills required in challenging managerial positions or positions demanding a high level of expertise, or as entrepreneur;
  • the ability to independently produce and apply knowledge in the field of business administration and economics, and preparedness for demanding international postgraduate programmes;
  • the ability to address ethics, sustainability, and international context; and
  • excellent communication and team working skills.