Preparing for Master’s studies

Planning Officers supports the students with study affairs: planning of studies (personal study plan), guidance on practical study affairs and counselling in challenging study situations. Students meet their programme-specific Planning Officer during the orientation week and can contact them any time during their studies.

Academic advisors are faculty members, acting also as mentors for the students at the department – advising about their academic ambitions, interests and study goals. If you wish to get academic advising, please contact your Planning Officer for more information.

Tutors are senior business students who help new students during orientation week and at the beginning of their studies. Each major has their own tutors, who introduce students to the campus, student organization activities (KY & AYY) and student life in general.

Orientation for new Master's students 2021

Orientation for the new Master's students will be organised on 6 - 10 September, 2021. The schedule of the Orientation week and other information on the start of the studies will be updated on this page during the spring and summer. The Orientation will be organised mostly online but some group activies can be organised on campus depending on the COVID19 situation.

Please note that some online information sessions will be offered in August before the Orientation week. This is to ensure that the new students will be able to register for courses in the first study period already before the Orientation. 

You should also complete Aalto University's Pre-orientation online course before the Orientation week. The course will be available from 9 August onwards, provided that you have enrolled as attending and activated your Aalto user account. We will send more information in June's newsletter for new Master's students.

In the light of the current information, at Aalto the semester will start in hybrid mode with a regular schedule in the beginning of September. In the School of Business, most of the teaching will be organised online in the first study period. Some courses with smaller teaching groups will be held on campus but there will also be a possibility to attend online for those who are not able to come to campus. 

General information on Orientation 

During the orientation, new students will meet the personnel and faculty of the School of Business as well as some senior students. The orientation program will offer a great opportunity to learn about study related matters and get answers to any questions you may have. Students will be divided into smaller groups and each group is assigned a student tutor, who will guide the group in the beginning of the studies. With the tutor you also have the chance to get to know other students and the free time activities arranged by the student association KY and student union AYY.

Frequently asked questions

 Frequently asked questions about starting your studies


 1. When will I hear more about the start of the studies?
We will send the accepted applicants several emails before the Orientation. Please read the emails carefully since they include important information about your studies at Aalto University. We also recommend that you familiarise yourself with After admission to Master’s studies and Getting started with your studies. These pages contain information relevant to all new students at Aalto, including 
 2. Where can I find information about the studies and other practical matters?
On Into portal. On your programme’s page (links to all programmes), you can find links to information concerning studying at School of Business.
Please also check After admission to Master’s studies and Getting started with your studies. These pages contain information relevant to all new students at Aalto.
 3. I have tried to contact my programme's Planning Officer and have received no reply. What should I do? 

Please note that the beginning of the academic year (August - September) is the busiest time of the year for the Planning Officers so we might not be able to answer everyone’s questions separately. Please familiarise yourself with all the instructions on Into portal: the answer might be available here! Also, many of the questions will be answered during the Orientation.

If you have something urgent you need to ask your Planning Officer, it is best to call them by phone. If you have a general study-related question, you can also contact the student services at – but please take into consideration that they are also very busy in August and September.

Planning your studies

 1. How do I start planning my studies?

You can find instructions about planning your studies on your programme's Into page > Planning your studies (links to all programmes). The degree structure of your programme and the courses it includes are listed on the programme's Into page under Curriculum 2020-2022. In the course list, the link in the course code will take you to the course description in the student information system. 

 2. Do my studies include compulsory attendance?

The amount of compulsory attendance depends on the course. You can find the links to the course descriptions on your programme's Into page under Curriculum 2020-2022. In the course list, the link in the course code will take you to the course description in the student information system. 

Please note that all our programmes are full-time programmes! We don't recommend working full-time during the studies.

 3. Can I include studies completed elsewhere in my degree?

Yes, you can transfer credits completed outside of Aalto University in your degree. You can use them to substitute for an individual Aalto course or study module or include them in the degree, for instance, towards the electives. Please read more about the credit transfer on your programme's Into page under Planning your studies > Credit transfer.

Registration for courses

 1. How can I register for courses?
Starting from autumn 2021, Aalto University is using Sisu system for course registration (among other things). You can register for a course only if it is included in your personal study plan (see PSP below). Thus, remember to add the course to your study plan first. Note! The study plan or the module including the course does NOT need to be approved before course registration! It is enough that the course is included in your study plan.
 2. The course I would like to take is already full, what to do?

If the registration period is still ongoing, register for the course even if there appears to be more participants than allowed. The participants will be confirmed only after the registration period has ended. In many courses, priority will be given to major students of the programme. This information is available on the course descriptions.

Personal Study Plan (PSP)

 1. What is a PSP?

Personal Study Plan includes the studies that you are going to complete at Aalto University towards your degree. It also includes a schedule for your studies. Everyone must create a PSP since it is needed for e.g. course registration and graduation. Primarily, PSP is meant to help you plan your studies and that is why we ask you to make the first version of it at the beginning of your studies.

PSPs are made in the Sisu system. You can find more information on PSP on your programme's Into page > Planning your studies.

 2. Can I change my PSP later?
Yes, you can. We ask you to make your personal study plan first and foremost to help you plan your studies. When you have an approved PSP (= the parts that require approval have been approved), you know that you can graduate with those studies. This is the first version of your study plan but you are allowed to change your plans. If you change one of the modules that requires approval, you will first need to cancel the previous approval before applying for a new one. 
 3. What should I do if I want to change my PSP?
You can just make the changes. You can find the instructions on changing your study plan in the Sisu Guide for Master's students (Programme's Into page > Planning your studies). Please remember to ask for approval for the parts of the plan that require approval.
 4. Can you include more than 120 cr in the Master's degree / in your study plan?

The Master's degree needs to include at least 120 cr but not much more. In general, it is okay if you have one course over the minimum. Try to get your degree to be as close to 120 cr as possible. At the moment, Aalto University does not restrict the amount of courses you can take but if you take extra courses, you will not be able to include them in your degree. In that case, don't include them in your study plan either.

 5. Do I need to include the extra courses in my study plan?
At the moment, Aalto University does not restrict the amount of courses you can take, but if you take extra courses, you will not be able to include them in your degree. In that case, don't include them in your study plan either. The study plan should include only the courses that are going towards your degree since the degree certificate is made based on your PSP.
 6. If I leave some courses out of the degree, will they show in my degree certificate?

No, they won't. The degree certificate will have only the courses in your degree. You can, however, order a transcript of records from the study information system that will show all the courses you have completed at Aalto University.

 7. Can I hide courses from the transcript of records?
This is not possible. You cannot hide or delete courses from the study register.


 1. Are there any limitations to which minor I can choose?

Check your own programme's degree requirements on Into (Curriculum 2020-2022). In some programmes, there are certain requirements for the minor. If there aren't any specific requirements, you can choose whichever minor. The minor can also be from another School of Aalto. However, please note that at School of Business, the minor in the Master's degree needs to be minimum of 24 credits.

You can find a list of all the minor offered at Aalto here: Minors 2020-2022.

 2. Can I include a Bachelor level minor in my Master's degree?

Yes, you can.

 3. Can I include a second minor in my Master's degree?

Yes, you can but the second minor needs to be max. 18 cr (or 24 cr if in your programme, the electives are more than 12 cr). This is because your degree should be as close to 120 credits as possible.

Master's thesis

 1. When is it recommended to start writing the Master's thesis? 
We recommend that you start the thesis process in the beginning of the second study year. Attending a Master's thesis seminar is an important part of the process and helps you in your thesis work. Check the curriculum information on Into and Sisu for more information on your programme's thesis seminar.
 2. How long does it take to write a Master's thesis?
This depends on the student and the project. The amount of other courses naturally affects the progress of the thesis as well. Some write their thesis in six months and for many, it takes around a year.

Orientation week 2021 program (will be updated in the spring/summer!)

Day and timeProgramPlace
In AugustSome sessions will be organised online before the

Monday 6 September

Tuesday 7 September

Wednesday 8 September

Thursday 9 September

Friday 10 September

Attending the orientation meetings is highly recommended for all students. If you cannot attend, please inform your planning officer and familiarize yourself with the information provided for the new students at the Student Portal Into.

If you have any general questions, please contact

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