Description of the programme

The Master’s programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (EIM) is designed to provide students with 1) the mindset and skills for new business creation be it in independent start-ups or in the context of established organisations, and 2) a broader understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation from individual, organisational and societal perspectives.

A defining feature of the curriculum is a pronounced emphasis on action and challenge-based learning. Among other things, you will find yourself pitching business ideas to real investors and potential customers, analysing business cases and developing strategies for innovative and sustainable products and services, and exercising enterprising competencies in real-life settings. Working in teams consisting not only of business but also of design, sustainability, science and engineering students, facilitates a rich learning experience and unique networking opportunities for future careers.

Career prospects

While some of the programme’s students start their own ventures during the course of their studies, most of our graduates start their careers in paid employment. Knowledge of the process of new business creation, managing innovations and skills in dealing with complex projects provide an excellent foundation for diverse careers in the highly dynamic, competitive and uncertain world of business. EIM graduates are well qualified for example, for project management, consultancy or any other business function where a holistic mastery of a larger business entity is called for. Graduates of this programme can also work in the public sector at the regional, national and supra-national (EU, OECD) level as entrepreneurship and innovation specialists.

Here you can find the degree requirements of the programme, and the necessary information about completing the degree and its contents. These pages are mainly aimed at the students of the programme. If you are thinking about applying to the programme please see How to apply.

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