Please note that this is a double degree programme implemented through international collaboration which is why its structure may deviate from the regular structure of the Master’s Degree Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences.

Degree(s) awarded

Master of Science (Technology ) from Aalto University
Master of Science or similar degree from partner university

MajorsAutonomous Systems (ELEC3055)

Cloud and Network Infrastructures (ELEC3059)

Cloud Computing and Services (SCI3081)

Data Science (SCI3095)

Digital Media Technology (SCI3023)

Embedded Systems (SCI3024)

Human-Computer Interaction and Design (SCI3020)

Software and Service Architectures (SCI3082)

Visual Computing and Communication (SCI3102)

Innovation & Entrepreneurship (SCI3039)

Contact information

Programme website:
Contact information of staff at Aalto University

Programme description

Master’s Programme in ICT Innovation is a European double degree programme for students who want to know both the technical and entrepreneurial aspects of information and communications technology. The ICT Innovation programme follows the general structure of the EIT Digital Master School. It is a full-time two-year 120 ECTS master’s programme, combining a 90 ECTS technical part with a 30 ECTS standardised module on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E). The programme is completed by studying at two different universities in two countries. Graduates will receive a Master’s degree from both of these universities. Aalto University offers seven majors within the ICT Innovation programme.

Admission criteria

A degree equivalent to a Bachelors degree of 180 ECTS credits. The specific admission requirements vary for each major. The language of instruction of the programme is English. The applicants must have an excellent command of English. For further information on admission, application deadlines and English language proficiency, please see

Programme structure

Major (60 ECTS)
Master's thesis (30 ECTS)
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Minor (30 ECTS)

20–30 ECTS Mandatory major courses, including the mandatory language studies
30–40 ECTS Elective and Specialized major courses
30 ECTS Innovation & Entrepreneurship Minor
30 ECTS Master’s Thesis

Language courses for all majors

According to the degree regulations at Aalto University, students must take at least 3 ECTS of foreign language studies for the degree. In Master’s Programme in ICT Innovation the students have the option to choose between an English course, fulfilling both oral and written requirements (o,w) or at least 3 ECTS of Finnish courses. We recommend the English course LC-1310 Academic Communication for MSc Students for everyone. Taking the Finnish course(s) as part of the degree requires an application for exemption from the foreign language course requirement. More information here.

Introduction course for Master's students

The SCI-E1010 Introduction for Master's students is a compulsory course for all majors in Master's Programme in ICT Innovation (EIT Digital Master School). The course consists of two parts:

1) Academic Skills (1 ECTS) intended for 1st year Master's students

2) Career and Working Life Skills (1 ECTS) intended for 2nd (final) year Master's students.

Mobility of students

First year universities are called entry universities and second year universities are exit universities. Some universities are only available as either entry or exit points. Please check from each major/programme which entries and exits are available.