When you start planning your MSc studies, consider the following questions:

  • what do I want from my studies
  • what skills do I want to develop
  • what are my career goals.

In practice study planning consists of two things: selecting the content for your degree based on your interests and goals and scheduling the selected studies. The outcome of study planning is a personal study plan (HOPS), which is required from all students. Personal study plan is an agreement: university grants you the right to study according to the approved, official personal study plan, but at the same time you are obliged to follow it. For Aalto scholarship students the study progress follow-up is based on the confirmed personal study plan.

Personal study plan is done in SISU-system (students who have started prior to 2018 in Weboodi-system). Deadline is by the end of the I teaching period (end of October).

Selecting the content for your degree

The basic structure of your degree is fixed according to the Degree Regulations. In the personal study plan, you can however select the following parts:

  • your major (if applicable) and the optional courses of your major
  • the elective studies of your degree (including the compulsory language courses of the degree, if applicable)
  • possible minor of your degree

Study plan is also the tool if you plan to take courses outside the default content of your degree, such as exchange studies, studies in another Finnish university, other transferred studies or practical training credits. Specific instructions for these cases can be found on the left. In all cases the content must be approved with the personal study plan.

Information sources for study planning

  • The starting point of study planning is the most recent curriculum of your programme.
  • Majors offer recommended study tracks (specialisation tracks inside the majors - more information on the left)
  • For elective studies students are recommended to take courses of other fields in Aalto.
  • The easiest way to browse the course offer for elective studies is courses.aalto.fi.
  • Minors.
  • Language and Communication studies.

Scheduling your studies

At the same time with selecting the courses for your degree, you should schedule each course in your degree (study year and study period).

  • Information of the recommended study year of the compulsory courses is available in the curriculum.
  • In addition you must yourself place the optional studies of the major as well as elective studies/minor and compulsory language studies in your schedule.

  • Weekly schedule for I and II period is available unfer “recommended study timetable”.

  • In the default 2-year schedule the second Spring semester should be reserved for Master's thesis. Note, that preparations for the master's thesis start already in the second autumn semester.
  • In courses.aalto.fi you can search courses per teaching period (eg. if you have an open slot in a certain period).
  • In weboodi you can find the course schedules (lecture and exercise hours etc.) to plan each teaching period.
  • Note! In Sisu under the “timeline” section you can find a timing template for each programme

Support for study planning

If you have questions concerning your study plan, contact the planning officer of your programme. You can also discuss the study plan with your academic mentor. For students starting their MSc studies in fall 2018 or later, the course ELEC-E0110 Academic Skills in Master's studies provides extensive support for study planning.

Instructions for submitting the study plan

Study plan according to the curriculum (2018-2019 or later)

  • Go to SISU and select "structure of studies" and create a new study plan.
  • In ”select education” choose one of the following:
    • If you have done your BSc in ELEC, search “Bachelor’s and Master’s in Electrical Engineering” (Sähkötekniikan kandidaatti ja diplomi-insinööri). Then activate the plan by klicking the first row and select a master’s programme from the box appearing on the right.
    • If you have been admitted in master’s admission, search by the name of your programme.
  • Select all the required credits (120 cr) for your degree. Detailed instructions for SISU functionalities are available in wiki.
  • Send the study plan for approval. You can create several drafts but you can have only one approved official study plan at a time.

study plan according to the curriculum (2017-2018 or earlier)

  • Go to weboodi  -> study plans
  • Create a plan and send for approval.
  • You can create several draft but only one approved official study plan.

Study plan with changes to the curriculum (all years):

  • Proposal of changes requires an approval from the responsible professor of major (or minor).
  • Create a study plan according to the instructions above. Take a print of the plan and discuss with the professor in charge of the major (or minor) and ask to sign the print-out.
  • Deliver the signed copy of the study plan to the planning officer of your programme.
  • Send the study plan for approval in Weboodi/SISU.
  • Alternatively you can list the proposed content on the form (fi/en/sv), discuss with the responsible person and submit the signed form to student services.

Study plan must always be resubmitted for approval if you change something.