Code: ARTS3019

Credits: 90 ECTS cr

Responsible teacher: Professor Raija Talvio

Learning Outcomes

The aim of the Master's degree in film and television screenwriting is to strengthen the student's artistic and craft-related skills and the ability to create personal work in cinematic expression. The student learns to apply their skills in teamwork, in a productive process and is also capable of long-term, independent work. The student is familiar with film and television production as a whole, the many possible roles and responsibilities of a screenwriter, and the contract practices of the industry. The student is knows the main theoretical issues of screenwriting and has the skills to do research.

Education Content

The core content in the master's degree programme consists of courses of advanced studies in screenwriting, elective courses and joint master's studies in film and television.

In advanced studies, the student will learn the practice of screenwriting in the various forms and genres of film and television. The structure of the writing courses mirrors the practices of the professional field: step-by-step progression and feedback are part of the workflow in individual writing projects as well as in teamwork. Studies in screenwriting theory support the creative work and open wider perspectives on the tradition and future of the field. The basic idea of the education is to enable the student’s self-expression and support the development of a personal voice and approach. Elective studies included in the student's personal curriculum can be chosen to support this goal. In addition to one’s own major, electives can also be chosen from other Aalto University courses or from other universities. In the joint MA studies in film and television, the student becomes familiar with the field of film and television production as a whole, the various professional roles and practices of the field from the poinf of view of art as well as production. The joint studies also include studies on practice-based and theoretical research that challenge the student to a holistic reflecton of creative work.

As a master’s thesis the student prepares a screenplay of high artistic quality either as an independent project or as a screenwriter in a joint thesis film by a team of students. The thesis also includes a research section in which the student addresses an issue in the screenwriting field that is meaningful both personally and to the screenwriting community.

Major Studies 90 ECTS



ECTS Credits

Joint Master's Studies in Film and Television30
Joint MA studies are obligatory for students studying in the Master's Programme in Film and Television.
Theory, Art and Artistic Practices10
ELO-E10XXMaster's Thesis Seminar4
ELO-E1011Theory, Art and Artistic Practices 12
ELO-E10XXTheory, Art and Artistic Practices 24
Working Life Practices and Skills10
ELO-E1013Group dynamics and Leadership2
ELO-E1014Contracts and Copyrights4
ELO-E1015Wellbeing at Work2
ELO-E1016Entrepreneurship and Working Life Skills2
Analysis and Vision10
ELO-E1017Seventh Art2
ELO-E1018Artistic and Technical Breakdown of the Script 12
ELO-E1019Artistic and Technical Breakdown of the Script 22
Choose two of the following courses:4
ELO-E1020Film History 52
ELO-E1021Film History 62
ELO-E1022Film History 72
ELO-E10XXFilm History 82

Advanced Studies in Screenwriting


ELO-E20XXWorkshop in Screenwriting for Film  14
ELO-E20XXWorkshop in Screenwriting for Film  25
ELO-E20XXWorkshop in Screenwriting for Film  33
ELO-E20XXWorkshop in Screenwriting for Television 14
ELO-E20XXWorkshop in Screenwriting for Television 25
ELO-E20XXWorkshop in Screenwriting for Television 33
ELO-E20XXTheory and Research3
ELO-E20XXScreenwriting Professional Practices3

Master’s Thesis



Master’s Thesis


ARTSa.matrMaturity Test0