Credits: N ECTS cr

Resposible teacher: Professor Saara Saarela

Learning Outcomes

Master’s studies with a major in Film Directing strengthen the student director’s idea generation skills, idea development, storybuilding and narration skills in addition to developing the director’s personal cinematic style.

Master’s studies in Film Directing deepen the student’s visual and dramaturgical abilities, provides competence in production and directing actors as well as enforces the student’s ability to lead a creative process in collaboration with other artistic leads. The goal of the education is to provide the necessary skills to direct a feature-length film and a fiction tv-series.

Education Content

In master’s studies in Film Directing, the student develops his/her own artistic thinking and cinematic vision. The studies are built around the Master’s Thesis combining both artistic and research elements.  The studies consist of joint compulsory content for all majors in Film, which develop the student’s skills in research and professionalism, and of specific study modules only for students majoring in Film Directing. These courses comprise thematic study modules with changing content and are a combination of theory, individual research and practical workshops. Some modules concentrate on working with actors for better understanding the different acting and directing methods. Other modules are laboratories built around a single central theme and realized in conjunction with one or more majors.

During the master’s courses, the student challenges his/her artistic thinking, studies the conventions and new forms of film and TV drama, their dramaturgical structure and examines the starting points of his/her personal artistic work in more detail. The studies enforce the director’s role and defines the responsibilities during the whole production line. The student also learns to understand the importance of resourcing when planning and realizing a film or a tv-series. According to the study plan drawn up in the personal study plan discussion, the director additionally deepens his/her competence in scriptwriting, visual narration or sound narration.

Major Studies 90 ECTS



ECTS Credits

Joint MA Studies in Film and Television30
Joint MA studies are obligatory for students studying in the Master's Programme in Film and Television.
Theory, Art and Artistic Practices10
ELO-E1010Master's Thesis Seminar4-6
ELO-E1011Theory, Art and Artistic Practices 12
ELO-E1012Theory, Art and Artistic Practices 22-4
Working Life Practices and Skills10
ELO-E1013Group Dynamics and Leadership2
ELO-E1014Contracts and Copyrights4
ELO-E1015Wellbeing at Work2
ELO-E1016Entrepreneurship and Working Life Skills2
Analysis and Vision10
ELO-E1017Seventh Art2
ELO-E1018Artistic and Technical Breakdown of the Script 12
ELO-E1019Artistic and Technical Breakdown of the Script 22
Choose two of the following courses:4
ELO-E1020Film History 52
ELO-E1021Film History 62
ELO-E1022Film History 72

Advanced Studies in Film Directing




MA Master Class



MA Film Pre-production



MA Directing Workshop



Directing Techniques



MA Courses with Varying Content (Directing)


ELO-E3516Acting and Theatre Academy Courses2–12
ELO-E2033From Idea to Treatment Master Class6-12
ELO-E3517Directing Methods

Master’s Thesis



Master’s Thesis