Master’s Programme in Engineering Physics

Interested in applying to the Master's Programme in Engineering Physics? See how to become an Aalto University student.

Studies in engineering physics create a basis for the technological applications of physics and open doors for different careers in industry, science and research. A profound understanding of physics and mathematics can be employed in finding novel solutions to both present-day and future’s challenges.

Studies in Master's Programme in Engineering Physics are strongly research oriented. Almost half of the MSc graduates continue towards a doctorate. The research focus areas range from experimental and theoretical materials physics to nanophysics and nanoscience, and to novel energy solutions. The study programme differs from a more classical university physics in its proximity to concrete, practical research questions. Its connection to real-life problems is very strong.

There are two majors in the Master's Programme in Engineering Physics from which students can choose from when they enter the programme:

  • Engineering Physics
  • Physics of Advanced Materials

The former is more general whereas the latter focuses on materials and nanoscience in particular.

You can also apply to our new double degree programme Master’s Programme in Advanced Materials for Innovation and Sustainability (EIT Raw Materials). Students selected to the programme will acquire an understanding of the full raw materials value chain, and a mind-set for innovation & entrepreneurship focusing on sustainability.  Visit the programme website for further instructions on applying.



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