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Extended Curriculum in Science - objectives

The objective of the Aalto University schools of technology is to create an adequate amount of Masters of Science in Technology who can respond to even the most rapidly changing challenges of the research and business sectors as well as those of the society in general.

The knowledge of mathematics and natural sciences is the foundation of engineering, and the significance of IT is still growing in every field. Therefore, all fields of engineering are in need of gifted students with an orientation towards mathematics and natural sciences who also master the possibilities provided by IT.

Since 1995, it has been possible to choose an extended curriculum in basic subjects (now called the extended curriculum in basic sciences) at the School of Science and Technology. In the program, the courses in mathematics, physics and computer science are more extensive and more demanding than in the degree programmes otherwise. Students in all degree programmes except in Real Estate Economics and Architecture are able to choose the extended curriculum. The extended curriculum is obligatory to students in the degree programme of Engineering Physics and Mathematics.

Student admissions

Approximately 10% of new students admitted to the School of Science and Technology are invited to the extended curriculum. In addition, it is possible to apply for the curriculum. Admissions requirements are based on the general admissions criteria of the School of Science and Technology.

Lists of the invited and selected applicants are found here: Information on application and admissions (in Finnish).


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