Work Opportunities

Graduates from Aalto School of Science are very competitive in the industrial and academic job markets and, for example, practically all Master's theses are done while employed in projects in companies, research institutes, or universities. The FAdCo programme gives the students a solid methodological training to pursue a career in research and development, as well as in applications of advanced computing techniques. It also gives an excellent starting point for doctoral studies where Aalto and the ICS department offer outstanding possibilities for talented students through a national Graduate School system and a range of research projects. In order to encourage students to consider a career in research, the department employs each summer a number of the top students as research assistants in current research projects.

While some students work while studying, and the residence permit for non-EU students allows working for up to 25 hours a week during semesters, FAdCo is a full-time programme and working while studying may seriously slow down studies. Moreover, for non-EU students the residence permit is only renewed after the first year if the student shows adequate progress in his/her studies.