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Master's thesis evaluation criteria

Before starting to write your thesis, read the Master's Thesis Guide (in Finnish here) for students and familiarize yourself with copyright issues.

 Maturity test guidelines and form

In an MA degree the abstract of the thesis work serves as maturity test. If a student has had her school education in a language other than Finnish or Swedish, only the content of the abstract will be evaluated (not the language).

Maturity test form

 Submitting the thesis for evaluation

NOTE! When your thesis is ready, confirm from your supervisor/advisor that you can hande it for evaluation.

Checklist for submitting the thesis

  • Add an abstract to your thesis. It is recommended to use the thesis abstract form (above)
  • Submit a PDF/A version of your thesis to the database (instructions below)
  • NOTE! If you have submitted your thesis for evaluation between 1 August 2019 and 31 December 2019 you can apply for compensation for thesis printing costs for the three required copies to the school (the three printed copies are no longer required after 1 January 2020). Maximum amount of compensation is 150 €. The compensation can be applied for after the thesis has been submitted for evaluation. The compensation will be granted only once per student. The student needs to verify the costs by handing in the receipt of the printing costs.
 How to create a PDF/A file

According to Finnish archiving practices, the file should be saved in PDF/A format. PDF/A is an ISO-standardized version of the Portable Document Format (PDF) specialized for the digital preservation of electronic documents. PDF/A differs from PDF by omitting features ill-suited to long-term archiving. Library recommends ISO-standardized versions PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-1b & PDF/A-2.

Instructions on how to convert files to PDF/A -format using the different tools

  • Aaltodoc Instructions
  • Microsoft Word 2010: File » Save As ---> Save as type = PDF ---> Options ---> Choose: ISO 19005-1-compliant (PDF/A)
  • PDF-XChange 4.0: Print ---> PDF-XChange 4.0 ---> Properties ---> General ---> Choose: PDF/A-1b (RGB)
  • Open Office 3.2 Writer: File ---> Export as PDF ---> Choose: PDF/A-1a

Convert the PDF file so that it is suitable for web publishing. The recommended size for the pdf/a document is under 20 Mb and for Theses including a lot of images under 100 Mb. If your document is over 100 Mb, you should resize it before saving, because readers may experience problems with opening large documents over the web. The maximum limit for documents is 500 Mb.

It is the student's responsibility to check that the PDF/A file has been correctly converted and that it is identical to the submitted thesis copies.

Naming the PDF file

You should name the file without Scandinavian letters (e.g. ä and ö) and special characters to the following format: school'sabbreviation_publishingyear_lastname_firstname.pdf, (e.g. arts_2013_meikalainen_matti.pdf).

Technical support:

  • IT Servicedesk ( is responsible for all PDF/A-conversion related issues

  • eAGE-helpdesk ( helps if something went wrong with your eAge-submission

  • Aaltodoc-help ( helps if something needs to be added or corrected in your thesis that is already in Aaltodoc

 Electronical archieving of the thesis work
  • Convert your thesis to PDF/A form. The work is archived as one document (including the abstract and  possible other attachments).
  • If you wish, you can save the cover page as a separate file (png image file format).
  • Login to eAge with Aalto user name.
  • NOTE: the information you will be asked after logging in:

    YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION (also student number)

    STUDY INFORMATION (the degree that you are aiming at)


    Supervisor's firstname and lastname

    Advisor's firstname and lastname, degree, employer and concact information (phone, email)

    Information if the the thesis was done on commission for a company or other external party


    6-12 most important words or terms that describe the content of your thesis
    Assigning subject headings to your thesis

  • Fill in the form in the Thesis information sheet and click Save.
  • Add the PDF file of your thesis to the Thesis sheet.
  • You can add the image file of the cover page on the sheet Thesis cover. The cover picture will be shown in the Aaltodoc publication archive together with the metadata of your thesis.
  • Submit your thesis by clicking Submit in the Case details sheet

Technical support:

  • IT Servicedesk ( is responsible for all PDF/A-conversion related issues

  • eAGE-helpdesk ( helps if something went wrong with your eAge-submission

  • Aaltodoc-help ( helps if something needs to be added or corrected in your thesis that is already in Aaltodoc

 Thesis data in the Aaltodoc publication archive

The theses and the metadata of all theses will be archived in the Aaltodoc publication archive. The term metadata refers to the data that describes your thesis for example the title of thesis, the language, keywords and the advisor of thesis. When submitting the thesis in eAge you can give permission to publish the whole-text and/or the abstract through the Aaltodoc publication archive.

The thesis publishing date can be postponed by a maximum of one (1) year. Hence, students don’t have to publish the thesis immediately if they wish to postpone publishing for reasons related to other publications, patent applications or corporate secrets, for example. However, please note that the thesis is still a public document and it will be displayed publically. The public copy can be seen in the Learning Centre customer computers or sent via email by request.

If you do not grant permission for publishing, the archived PDF file will be available for anyone by request but it is not published online. The Learning Centre is obliged to send the digital version to anyone who wants to read the thesis.

If you have any questions related to thesis submission or saving, please contact your study coordinator or Learning Services.

If you have any comments regarding the data of your thesis, or you wish to make corrections, please send an email to

Technical support:

  • IT Servicedesk ( is responsible for all PDF/A-conversion related issues

  • eAGE-helpdesk ( helps if something went wrong with your eAge-submission

  • Aaltodoc-help ( helps if something needs to be added or corrected in your thesis that is already in Aaltodoc

The Department of Design thesis presentation and evaluation dates are published and updated in:

Thesis Plan

  1. Complete the MUO-E0004 Thesis Seminar and write your thesis plan. Topics are discussed in a meeting with the supervisors 
  2. Present your completed thesis plan in a FaCT thesis plan presentation session. Please meet your supervising professor before that (Hirvonen, Salolainen or Niinimäki) so that your written thesis plan is ready to be accepted in the presentation session and send your plan to Pirjo Hirvonen, Maarit Salolainen, Annamari Vänskä and Kirsi Niinimäki no later than two days prior to the session. Please prepare a short presentation of your thesis work.
    Thesis Topic presentations in 2020-2021: 
  3. If you have completed your thesis seminar independently, you still need to present your topic in the presentation session with the others.
  4. Your thesis topic will be valid and the advisors will be nominated for one year's time period. 

Productive component as a unique event

  1. If your productive component is a unique event that cannot be reproduced as such (e.g. exhibition, discussion, pedagogical experiment, performance), you must request for examiners for your thesis well in advance of the event. Submit the preliminary abstract of your thesis to your supervisor who will propose the examiners to the thesis committee.
  2. The examiners of the work must acquaint themselves with the unique production and the related documentation. If this is not possible, the examiners acquaint themselves with the production only on the basis of documentation. Producing adequate documentation for the evaluation of the thesis is the responsibility of the student.

Submitting the thesis for evaluation

  1. Submit your thesis to Turnitin plagiarism prevention software Instructions and deliver the report to your thesis advisor or supervisor to be checked (must be Aalto personnel)
  2. For submitting your final thesis first get the approval from you advisor and then the approval from your supervisor. Make sure they have enough time to read the work. NOTE: Please contact your supervisor and advisor(s) well in advance to ask how much time they need to read the final work and approve your thesis to be submitted for examination.
  3. See instructions for writing an abstract (above) Please use the Aalto abstract form (also above)
  4. Write the abstract in two languages if you have been educated in Finnish or Swedish (in your school education language AND English). In other cases the abstract is written only in English. Your supervisor approves your abstract as a maturity test.
  5. Submit the abstract to the planning officer / study coordinator of your programme by email 2 weeks prior to the thesis submission deadline. Contact
  6. You may suggest prospective examiners of your thesis to your supervisor. Thesis committee will decide and name the examiners.
  7. Create an PDF/A copy of your final work (see instructions above) NOTE! Thesis MUST be in PDF/A format!
  8. Submit the work to eAGE by the deadline.
  9. If your thesis consists artistic or productive parts, please schedule the examination for artistic or productive part of your thesis with the examiners at latest 2 weeks prior to the thesis examination session.
  10. During the time of restricted access to the campus 2020-2021 thesis examination sessions will be arranged remotely, detailed instructions will be given to the students closer to the event. In thesis presentation you will present your work to the examiners and audience (max. 25 minutes + discussion 20 minutes) and get feedback and questions from the examiners. Remember to schedule the presentation for the productive or artistic part of your thesis with the examiners at least 14 days prior to the actual thesis presentation!
  11. Answer to the Master's graduation survey questionnaire
  12. Hand in the electronic application for degree certificate and graduation Instructions
 Thesis Schedule 2019-2020
 Hand in Abstract 

Hand in Thesis

 Presentation Application for graduation DL Graduation Graduation Ceremony
9 Sept 2019 23 Sept 2019 21-25 Oct 20192 Dec 201931 Dec 201931 Jan 2020*

14 Oct 2019

 28 Oct 2019

25-29 Nov 2019 

2 Dec 201931 Dec 2019

31 Jan 2020*

10 Dec 201931 Dec 201328 Jan 202024 Feb 202024 Feb 202031 Mar 2020

24 Feb 2020

 9 Mar 2020 6-10 Apr 202027 April 202027 April 202010 Jun 2020* CANCELLED
13 Apr 202027 Apr 202025-29 May 202029 Jun 202029 Jun 2020**31 Aug 2020

*All graduated students during the academic year are invited to the Aalto graduation party 10 Jun 2020. There is still a separate graduation ceremony for ARTS students also in 10 Jun 2020 where the degree certificates are handed out. THESE EVENTS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED, More information will be given once the campus is opened again. Students will graduate according to given schedule, but the degree certificates will be handed later.
**NOTE! If you are graduating after 27 April 2020 your degree certificates will be ready and handed out in the next graduation ceremony 9.9.2020

 Thesis Schedule 2020-2021
 Hand in Abstract 

Hand in Thesis

 Presentation Application for graduation DL Graduation Graduation Ceremony (will be updated later)
7 Sept 2020 21 Sept 2020 19-23 Oct 202026 Oct 202026 Oct 2020

26 Oct 2020

 9 Nov 2020

7-11 Dec 2020

31 Dec 202031 Dec 2020

1 Mar 202115 Mar 2021

12-16 Apr 2021

(updated later)(updated later)

26 Apr 2021

 10 May 20217-11 Jun 2021(updated later)(updated later)

PLEASE NOTE that the thesis submitting deadlines are set for the whole Department of Design - if you miss the hand in deadline or the presentation itself, your next chance for presenting is in the next presentation week! No exceptions will be made.

Appealing against a thesis grade

Students dissatisfied with the grade of their thesis or doctoral dissertation may appeal against the decision in writing to the Aalto University Academic Appeals Board within 14 days of receiving notification of the decision. When calculating the appeal period, the day of notice shall not be included. The appeal shall arrive at the university before the closing time of the Registry (at 15.00) on the deadline date.

If the student is notified of the decision by an electronic message (by e-mail), the notification is deemed to have been received by the student on the third (3) day after mailing, unless proven otherwise.

If the student is notified of the decision by mail, the notification is deemed to have been received by the student on the seventh (7) day after mailing unless proven otherwise.

Address to the Aalto University Academic Appeals Board:

Aalto University Academic Appeals Board
P.O. BOX 11000 FI-00076 AALTO

The appeal must specify the following:

1) student name, degree programme and contact information (address, e-mail address and telephone number)
2) date of student receiving notification of the decision
3) decision (incl. name of thesis and name of person responsible for grading)
4) change sought with the appeal
5) grounds for the appeal (incl. copies of documents on which the student bases their appeal if not already submitted to Aalto University).

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