Contact for Fashion, Clothing and Textile programme

Head of degree programme: Kirsi Niinimäki

Academic advisors: Maarit Salolainen, Pirjo Hirvonen

Student guidance: schedule a meeting with your study coordinator Schedule a meeting here

Learning services: Planning officer Mari Partanen, email:

All emails:

ARTS Student Services


+358 50 342 9758 (Mon-Fri 9 - 15) closed for summer 20.6.-4.8.
Postal address:

Learning Services
Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture
P.O. BOX 31000 (room M308)
00076 AALTO

Street address

Väre, Otaniementie 14

Otakaari 1 (Undergraduate centre, Bachelor's Programmes)

The Student Services of School of Art, Design and Architecture does not have their own, specialised student service desk. Most cases can be handled via email, phone or by appointment. You can also visit Starting Point.

Starting Point - student services office

The Student Services offers general guidance to students, regarding e.g.

  • general guidance to start getting help on any issues
  • enrollment
  • study rights
  • certificate of attendance (official electronic certificate  can be downloaded in WebOodi)
  • transcripts of records (official electronic certificate  can be downloaded in WebOodi)

Reach us via email on these matters:

  • non-degree studies
  • degree certificates
  • studies in other Aalto School or other universities
  • international students can also contact the office with questions regarding immigration or other practical issues

Aalto ARTS Learning Services

The departments have planning officers and study coordinators in charge of advising students with study related matters. If you have general questions regarding the studies, you can turn to the staff of the programme or major.

Note: Email addresses are in the form firstname.lastname[a] (for letters such as ä or ö, use a and o instead)

Check the meeting point for reserved meetings from the coordinator. Most meetings for Master's students are held in room M311 at Väre and Otakaari 1 A-wing, room A110 for Bachelor students.

School level services

ManagerIiris Kauppila+358 50 598 7650

Services for students

Team Leader, Planning OfficerWille Leppämäki+358 50 596 8806
Study Affairs SecretaryKirsti Niemensivu+358 50 544 1490
General studies

Nina Sjölund

Sanna Väisänen

+358 50 380 6541 Reserve a time

+358 50 562 5776 Reserve a time

University Wide Art StudiesMari Kekola

JOO studies

Internal Mobility

Tuuli Asunmaa
+358 50 470 8580 Reserve a time

International services, Incoming exchange students

Anna-Kaisa Antinoja
+358 50 409 6340

Reserve a time for Anna-Kaisa

Outgoing exchange studiesJohanna Virta

+358 50 358 0886 Reserve a time

Career services

(Internships abroad and in Finland)

Ulla Eskola


+358 50 331 3185

Doctoral programmeTiina Kotti, +358 50 373 5970, Reserve a time

+358 46 921 7751 Reserve a time


Language studies


Pulmu Föhr-Siltavuori+358 50 599 7932

Services for teachers

Team Leader, SpecialistIiris Kauppila+358 50 598 7650
Learning IT (Oodi, Sisu)Wille Leppämäki+358 50 596 8806
Specialist, pedagogyTiina Pylkkönen

Services for external customers

Team leaderMari Kekola

International education projects

Staff exchange

Hanna Karkku+358 50 562 7709

Aalto ARTS degree programme's contact information

Department of Architecture

Architecture (major in Bachelor's programme)Eino Paananen

+358 50 505 9070 Reserve a time

Architecture and Creative Sustainability in ArchitectureSanna Tekonen+358 50 595 0406
Landscape ArchitectureNiina Tikkanen+358 50 5138 480 Reserve a time
Urban Studies and PlanningTuula Jääskeläinen (Tiina Pylkkönen)+358 50 911 0381 Reserve a time
Interior ArchitectureMeri Karjalainen+358 50 4460040  Reserve a time

Department of Art

Visual Culture and Contemporary ArtAnne Rautanen+358 50 441 3033 Reserve a time
Art EducationViivi Poutiainen

+358 50 3077 267 Reserve a time

Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education (NoVA)Nina Sjölund+358 50 380 6541 Reserve a time

Department of Design

Product and Spatial Design and Contemporary DesignMervi Palva+358 50 5138180 Reserve a time

Collaborative and Industrial Design
Co-operationand coordination with Shanghai D&I

Study coordinator for CoID Tongji-students

Meri Arnala

+358 50 308 5778  Reserve a time

Creative Sustainability

International Design Business Management

Study coordinator for CS and IDBM Tongji-students

Master of European Design (MEDes)

Naoko Nakagawa

+358 50 361 3928 Reserve a time

Fashion,Clothing and Textile DesignMari Partanen

+358 50 355 6195 Reserve a time

Design, Fashion (majors in Bachelor's Programme)

Kristiina Tengvall

+358 50 352 4709 Reserve a time

Department of Film and Television

Film and Television (majors in Bachelor's Programme)Sanna Väisänen

+358 50 562 5776 Reserve a time

Film and Television (Master's programme)

Animation (Master's programme)

Ilona Virtanen

+358 50 315 2150 Reserve a time

Costume Design, Production Design and ScenographyTuuli Asunmaa
+358 50 470 8580 Reserve a time

Departmant of Media

Visual Communication Design (BA)Nina Sjölund+358 50 502 7718 Reserve a time
Visual Communication Design (MA)

Susanna Koistinen

+358 50 433 3865 Reserve a time
New MediaAnna Arsniva+358 41 518 9766 Reserve a time